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So I’m probably going to give away the wrong secret here… oh but who cares!

The first time I every smoked pot…whew! Now that was something else. (for clarification, I don’t do that anymore)

Ok, let’s see….

I don’t remember exactly what year it was but it was between 1988 & 1990 somewhere. Still living in the apartment complex and having adventures (no more alcohol for me!), hanging around with Mary, and working at the hospital… We were trying so hard to show off our hippie persona…we longed to be different, unique… we swore we wouldn’t end up like the older women in the small town that we called home. You know the type – a bit overweight, roundish… full bosomed, pie baking, church going country women. Just wasn’t our thing really. So we looked for ways to mold ourselves into something different (we were already different but didn’t know it LOL).

During this time, I worked mostly night shift in the emergency room…. That translates in vampire qualities. I worked 11pm-7am in a relatively busy ER department…. I usually slept while A was in school and would get up early afternoon so I could pick her up. On the days I didn’t have her with me (when she was with her dad), I tried to keep the same schedule –it’s so hard to flip-flop all the time.

So this one day, A was at her dad’s, and Mary’s kids were visiting their dad too (like how we got our visitation schedules to match?)… Mary and I were hanging out on the porch listening to some Neil Young Unknown Legend I think). We had a couple of cold Cokes, and a pack of Marlboro lights to share. We were bored…. And we thought we needed to do something to “mix it up” a bit…

Somehow we got the bright idea that smoking a little grass would further define us as deviants of the town… maybe get us thinking in a new way… you know, open up a new horizon in our minds… from pot (yeah right)

So the first task at hand was to figure out where to get it. I mean, it’s not like we could just go asking around town… 5 minutes after we asked the first person, the police would be on us (rumors & gossip)… Then we thought of all the people we knew – hmmm, who looks like a pot smoker? MM Hmm that’s a great way to figure it all out… like we know what a pot smoker looks like… I guess we didn’t realize anyone and everyone could be smoking grass and we wouldn’t know it! LOL

Eventually we thought of someone that had talked about it before. And we called him up. He had one joint…already rolled, and he offered it to us for free! We ran right over and picked it up. We hid it in the car and sat there trying to figure out where to go. Naturally, it was too risky to smoke at home… the smell would ruin our furniture and the neighbors would surely smell it too! (We were so naïve). After some thought and debate, we decided to take a ride out to the lake… there is a huge lake about 10 miles out of town. It was a weekday, so certainly there wouldn’t be anyone there.

We found a campground that was virtually deserted… there a few boater types around but that’s it. We decided it would be really enlightening to sit at the end of the pier, feet dangling over the water and get stoned. So that’s what we did…


Now the piers aren’t wooden… they are floating plastic docks…. And it was summer time in Texas… this results in REALLY hot plastic floating on water!
We sit… we smoke… the whole thing! This is a new adventure for us… and we smoked the WHOLE thing! Oh my…. As the afternoon wore on, and the sun was climbing higher into the sky… and the temperature was rising… we got more and more stoned… actually, we were pretty much out of our gourds LOL

At some point, I realize that the backs of my legs are hurting…burning really… and jumped up… ripping skin off my legs… they had kind of cooked onto the nice floating plastic pier. OUCH!

This kind of ruined the atmosphere of enlightenment for us and we figured we should probably go home. We get into the car and start down the highway. All of the sudden…. I don’t feel good – at all! In fact, the world is spinning much faster than it should, my head is about to explode, and my heart is jumping out of my body… I knew that it was going to rip through my chest wall at any second! Paranoia began to sink in…..

About ½ way home a thought occurred to me… “I have to work tonight!” Holy crap! Mary wants to take me to the ER because I’m sweating, my heart is pounding and the thought of death has entered my mind – and hers too. But we can’t do that… there’s only one emergency room in town… and I work there…shit.

So we go on home…I go to bed and tell Mary to wake me up about an hour before I have to be at work…. She did. I called in sick.

And I didn’t smoke pot again for about 5 years! I admit it… I have smoked my fair share… but I gave it up about 12 years ago… yea for me!

And the biggest lesson learned? Don’t smoke a joint that was rolled by someone else… you must see Mary Jane before you roll her up… you must make sure that there is nothing else in there… and that’s what I think happened to me. I think that joint we got had something else in it….

Such is life!

DISCLAIMER: Events such as these are from what I refer to as “my previous life”. They have certainly helped to shape and form me into who I am today… and I happen to like me now. I sometimes hesitate about telling these tales, but they are important parts of my life in one way or another….

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