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…which means its MS awareness month. Time to pull out all things orange (still don’t understand why we didn’t get a pretty color…no one looks good in orange). In Deep South Texas, there are were no MS groups. Recently, like in the past 4 months, a group has been created. We are completely independent of #NMSS and any other big box MS organization. The idea was to create a group for the people and by the people (sound familiar?). Fortunatel

y for us, but not so fortunate for him. There is a lawyer here who has MS. He filed all the paper work and handled the legal mumbo-jumbo so we are now officially a 501(c) group…. South Texas MS Council… and to

day was our first ever annual MS Walk!


I am so lucky to have my family here now! The girls are great and make everything fun. My daughter is so creative… she made face “tattoos” for us to sport. We all did orange shirts and bandanas…even the grand girls! They had a blast! I love seeing how they are becoming independent thinkers and developing their own style. Unfortunately, Coach had a baseball game and wasn’t able to come with us. I bet he would pretty studly in orange though.

Speaking of MS….

“Here she goes… Whining and complaining again…sheesh!”


Overall, I think I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve had a few flare ups but nothing spectacular. Mostly, I htink I just haven’t fully recovered from the TN episode, near death experience, and the lack of meds for so long. My body hasn’t had a break since last August and I’m feeling pretty beat up.

I suppose I shouldn’t really complain though. I wake up most mornings feeling happy. I go to work, exhaust myself, and come home to a wonderful man. There are so many who aren’t as lucky. For instance, at the walk today… there was a family pushing a man in his chair around the 5K course. About 20 feet or so from the finish line, the man said he wanted to walk. And he did… with assistance… but he #5b9bd5; font-size: 14pt;">walked across the finish line! I don’t think the impact could have been any heavier on all of us. The grand girls begged me to go over to him… they wanted to tell him “good job”…We did. I shook his hand. He has PPMS. He looks to be about 35 or 40 maybe.

The cold. Upper Respiratory Infection. URI.

And now, to top things off, I’ve been wrestling with this damned cold for a few weeks. Just when I think I’m getting better, I wake up with dried boogers everywhere, hair embedded in my nostrils, and my eyes glued shut.

Those green bastards have once again taken up residence in my body and my broken immune system doesn’t know what to do with them. I’m not kidding. This is them! They are making themselves at home! I cough and cough, which in turn makes me pee and pee, gag and barf. I’m a burning hot mess over here.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve got a local group going, I hope it’s still providing you with support.

  2. So glad to be reading a post from you — you’ve been missed. Congrats on the new group! Get better from that cold — they seem to attack us MSers with a vengeance!

  3. I sure hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Awesome that your family was able to participate with you. And I vote you change the MS color to blue. Or teal. Something pretty instead of orange. Everyone hates orange. Don’t they? I can’t even type the word, I had to fix it three times. Ha.

  4. I read once that fewer people cite orange as their favorite color than any other color of the rainbow. I looked it up because nearly everything was orange in a school I went to (and orange wasn’t even one of our colors!).

    Still, congrats on the 501(c)(3) status!

  5. Lovely to see you back.
    The beast is having its way with me at the moment. More pain, less mobility.
    Love that you could do the walk.

    • It seems as if we all go in cycles somehow. We all rock along and things are “good” for a while then bam! We all start having issues… weird how that works.

      I too have more and less mobility although I’m still struggling to conceal it from the world. I’m sure that is more exhausting than giving in. But giving in doesn’t seem a viable option either…

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