Mar 052013

So yesterday I was mentioning how it’s been a month already… a quick month. And I’ve held up well.

Yesterday afternoon was a true test of those words. We had an incident that required a lot of me… I walked and walked and walked, and sweated a bunch. At one point I even trotted. No running… but I did trot. I haven’t moved that quickly in 2 years. And the lesson here? I kept up. I did everything I needed to do… I paid for it last night but I managed to make it through the incident and fulfill my role. I was worried about that.

The other good thing here is the realization that these types of days aren’t often. There aren’t big emergencies or disasters all that often in the grand scheme of things. Most of my time is spent reading, researching, analyzing, teaching, learning, meetings and the like – all in preparation for days like yesterday. Yesterday’s incident was a matter of property, not life. Another good thing.

For those of you who don’t know, my job is that of #008080;">#008080; text-decoration: underline;">emergency management. I spend my days dealing with mitigation and preparedness in an effort to better handle response and recovery. It’s a job I love. It’s a job that is never boring and one that allows me to always learn. Everything that occurs in this great world of ours has an impact on what I do. Things are always changing – people, climate, laws.

My son-in-law was involved in some#008080;"> #008080; text-decoration: underline;">incredible activities at his job over the past week. I’m very proud of him. I don’t necessarily agree with all the laws when it comes to certain things, but I am very proud that he is doing his part to uphold the law and do his job with the utmost ethical diligence. As of right now, it seems that he was a part of the largest bust in the county’s history, maybe even the state.

Mom2’s mom had some medical issues this week. She’s recovering well now and will be moving closer to family. We’ve all been praying hard and those prayers have been answered. It’s nice that our family is so diverse in what we know and do. We all bring different resources to the table which really comes in handy when supporting one another, tossing out ideas, and just overall managing life. We all really come together, even when we can’t be there in person.

I’ve been watching & reading about that guy that was swallowed up by the earth. How completely devastating. Who would ever imagine going to bed at night and being rudely awakened by the ground opening up and claiming your life? I mean, when I lay my head down at night that is probably something that would never ever cross my mind… until now. There are so many oddball things that can happen to a person… there’s no way to conceive of all the bad things that can happen.

One last thing before I hit the shower and get ready for a new day at work….

Hurricane season is just a few weeks away… are you ready? Do you have a personal plan for your family? People scoff at me when I ask. I hope you don’t scoff. A personal plan is very important. It’s not only good to have during hurricane season, but all the time. Evacuation routes, meeting places, go kits (a tub of water, food, tape, flashlights, batteries, extra clothing, personal hygiene things)… most people don’t think about preparing…. unless you’ve been through a disaster… but even then, a lot of people don’t think of making a personal plan.#008080;"> #008080;">Here’s where you can find the information on creating a plan for you & your family. I encourage you to look it over and start thinking about a plan. Maybe even write a plan down and practice it. I can remember when we were kids, at one point we were in a 2-story home. There was only one way out – down the stairs. In case of a fire that might be blocking our exit what would we do? My mom got us rope ladders that we could throw out our windows so we could get out that way… without jumping.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. We are in earthquake country here and though I am more prepared than most I know I am not prepared enough.

  2. I meant you, Sherrie. One of these days, I’ll get the formatting right!

  3. Congratulations on meeting the challenge. You must be (you should be) so proud of yourself.

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