Aug 242012
  • The speech went well. I talked & talked … I don’t know for how long but I suspect it was for longer than the 15 minutes allotted … oopsie!
  • The kids & coaches were all very attentive… the kids kept eye contact with me the entire time. Amazing!
  • I explained what MS is and how it impacts me daily on a physical level – I left out the stuff about waste management though. I didn’t think they’d want to hear about all that. I went on to tell them that it not only has a huge impact on me, but on any & everyone around me. (I didn’t say anything to give up Coach’s mushy side… good girl Sherri)
  • After talking about what I feel physically and the challenges involved in getting through a day, I moved into mental challenges. This is the part that I was able to connect my obstacles with the kids & the sport they are playing – and life in general.
  • We talked about fear, anger, depression… self-doubt, confidence, & taking risks.
  • I told them that I am NOT courageous or strong or inspiring…. I’m not any of those things. I told them I’m just a woman who’s doing what I can to THRIVE (thanks Faith)
  • I really hammered the part about the mind… I told them how each morning when I wake up I make a conscious choice to be happy & positive. The more a person does this, the easier it becomes.
  • We talked about how I take no meds for pain but manage my pain with my mind. I talked about how important it is to know the self, your own compass & what direction it’s pointing. Everyone has an opinion of you but it is just that… an opinion. I let them know that they need to figure out what they want to accomplish and create a path to getting there.
  • Anyway… it went well I think. I hope that I left them with something that they can use. I hope that I made some of the points that the coaching staff was wanting made.
  • I didn’t fall down or drool or use the wrong words or forget what I was saying. I didn’t twitch or wet myself either. All in all, pretty good!
  • I treated myself to Whataburger – that was my reward for doing such a bang up job ha!
  • There is a football player in Brenham who has suffered a stroke. Not a heat stroke. A stroke-stroke. He apparently had a blood clot in his carotid artery… not good at all. It’s very sad. He’s 17 years old and had lots of college prospects for football.
  • When you live in a small, tight-knit community, things like this really hit hard. Not that they don’t hit hard in the bigger communities as well… but in the smaller towns, everyone knows everyone kind of thing. He’s very lucky that they were in a team meeting when he started having problems – it was noticed right away and they got him to the hospital in time to help him. There’s no word about permanent damage. They removed part of his skull to allow for swelling in his brain, then I think there was another surgery to remove the clot. He is in critical care and he’s still in that super critical time after the stroke.
  • The team had a scrimmage game in Round Rock this morning. The Westwood Warriors did something really amazing… at the pep rally they collected donations for the player & his family then presented the check at the scrimmage game. Awesome! The faith in humanity… it gets restored every now & again.
  • Our team has a scrimmage game this evening against La Feria… I’m once again excited. I look forward to seeing what differences there are this week from last week. The scrimmage last week was the first time that the players went to battle & the coaches could really see what they have to work with.
  • Ashley works in a medical office. She called me the other night and asked for some prayers. She was going to be drawing blood from the twins herself… at home… eek! The girls have never had anything like that done before and agreed to it so long as their mother was the one to do the procedure & they didn’t have to go to the doc’s office for it to happen.
  • Ash called me afterwards with happiness in her voice… the girls did really well! And she was able to hit the vein right way… first stick… no digging around or anything.
  • The girls called me last night to tell me about what they had to do… they didn’t know Ash had already told me. And of course I didn’t let on. The girls are very proud of themselves… and they are very proud of their momma too… “it didn’t even hurt!” LOL
  • I finally found Coach his dang gray slacks yesterday. Sheesh. Took a week and lots of stores to find them. I ended up at the outlet mall in Mercedes. The highlight of the trip, besides finally finding the tall boy slacks, was a manikin at the Hanes store… right up in the window.
  • There was a man and a woman manikin… both wearing nothing but their drawers… and my word they were some TIGHT drawers! The incredible thing here is that the man manikin… yeah. He was, um, how should I put this… anatomically correct – well, except he didn’t have a head or any arms. But the man junk? It was all there… and he manikin was very blessed. The “sculptor” paid very close attention to detail. Every line, ridge, groove, & wrinkle was there… and visible from through those tight Hanes underwear for men. Holy cow. (The woman manikin didn’t have such a well defined anatomy.. her Hanes for Her looked appropriate – just in case you were wondering)
  • I tried to get a photo but people were looking at me like I was some weirdo perv or something.
  • I have noticed I use the word THAT far too much… I’m working on correcting it… thanks
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Hi Sherri,
    Congratulations! I am so proud of you… Spread the word. MS is a hard row to hoe and don’t we know it? I pray that you were doing pretty good these days. I know you have been through a lot and I’m so glad that you have:Coach at your side so you can get through it together. ((( Hugs)))

  2. Oh, Sherri, I’m so proud of you! I know those kids must have been moved by what you said! So sad about the young boy having the stroke — sort of puts things in perspective for me! I’m giggling about the looks you were getting at the store window! Don’t worry about ‘that’ — no one notices!

  3. Happy tears for you here. You done good.

  4. Congatulations! You may have changed at least one boy’s life for the better.

    • I discovered last night at the game that I did indeed change at least one boy’s life… several parents approached me to and told me thank you for talking to the athletes… one in particular said her son had been on twitter talking about me… she was curious about who he was talking about because she said he never posts things with such compassion… i cried 🙂

  5. Awesome! Ummmm, I think you are awesome, brave and courageous! Everyday, ya gotta do it, stay positive, know there is a reason you are here even with the junk…seein past that junk to know the blessing, that everyday we draw breath we are meant to love someone….Just sayin!!!
    Love and light your way.

    • oh olivia! thank you! you are pretty damn awesome yourself… it’s sort of a prerequisite to all this junk… it’s like you have to be a certain type of person to get this blasted disease… 🙂

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