Jun 272012

coach & I had quite the scare last night.

coach had taken queen Beulah out for her nightly business run just before bedtime. it’s the ritual. and that silly dog knows when it’s time. she lays in bed til business time then comes hopping on out to the living area to round up coach. if he doesn’t recognize what time it is, she sits and stares at him patiently. if he still doesn’t get it, she’ll come over and stare & paw at me, gorging me with her nails until I make coach get up and take her on the business run.

the past few months the queen has aged. she’s 10 or 11 years old (guesses coach) and she’s getting a bit grey around the edges. I’ve noticed that she sleeps a LOT more than she did… I’ve also noticed that one of her legs doesn’t work quite right much of the time. I asked her the other morning if she has MS like her momma… kidding. since we moved, she hasn’t really been eating too much but she has been drinking plenty of water…

so last night, they go on the business run. normally, this is about a 15-20 minute walk. last night was nothing unusual. coach opens the door and comes in… no Beulah. every single time they come in from a walk, she runs over and excitedly greets me as if she hasn’t seen me in a week! funny dog.

last night she wouldn’t come in. she was standing on the porch hanging her head in the house but wouldn’t move. wouldn’t take a step, wouldn’t look at us. nothing. finally I picked her up and carried her to the kitchen floor. her breathing was labored, her eyes were glassy… broke my heart. coach & I were both shook up, I had tears in my eyes, coach may or may not have had some moisture there too….

as she’s laying on the floor, I’m checking her over… looking in her eyes, feeling her nose…caressing her entire body. nothing seems to hurt her. but she’s still not really acknowledging me. and her breathing was not right. I got to thinking that maybe she just got overheated? I don’t know. coach grabbed her bed and slid it near her, and she finally got about 1/2 way up and made her way into the bed. she was so lethargic and out of it.

suddenly, about 20 minutes after all this attention and caressing and worry… she was her old self again. ears perked up, tail wag, looking at us again. weird

I think she might have had a small stroke… or got too hot? not sure. I checked on her a few times during the night, so did coach. and she was fine. and this morning she was fine. all day today, she is fine.

stupid dog. I think maybe she just wanted that special level of attention. ha!

on to other news…..

I’ve had a very hard time drawing lately. my hands tend to contract in on themselves. dammit. they started twitching back in march but now they are actually contracting. my fingers all come together making a cone…. not good for drawing. I tried to write my name the other day… let’s just say it didn’t go so well. I am sure hoping that things turn around soon. it’s been about a month since I’ve picked up a pen and my sketchbook.

so I’ve gone digital. I spent most of yesterday reading and learning about the features in my GIMP program. GIMP is the same thing as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, or any other imagine/graphic design software. Except that it’s F.R.E.E.! it’s open source software. I’ve never really used it for drawing or designing. that’s what I was reading about yesterday.

I made a city scape… all digital! it’s not the best thing ever but for a first attempt I think I did alright Smile


today I have been playing around with the header of my blog and some other ideas…



this is has been fun! taking various elements and designing logos, banners, etc.… I like it!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Give Queen Beulah extra hugs from me. I had a dog that started doiing things like that. Once it was snowing and he didn’t come in with the other dogs. I found him in the front yard facing into the wind not moving. I called him and he kinda shook his head and came running. Another time the other dogs came in and he stood at the door and turned in a circle several times become coming in. We never knew for sure, but we think he was having seizures of some kind. There wasn’t much we could do exept love him and care for him best we could.

  2. I am glad the Queen “B” is ok now. sometimes I think dogs like us humans have those senior moments. Catfish and Annie give kisses and doggie hugs to her.

  3. Poor little doggie! I’m glad to hear she’s doing better. Maybe the whole move just got to her. I’m sorry about your hand. Mine curls up and has no coordination; hence, the artist me is gone! I do love your digital pix. I’ll have to check out that program.

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