Mar 042010


maggie…my dog.
she’s gone now. it’s not known what happened to her. she’s just gone. and they can’t find her.
i suspect she wondered off to die. she was old.
breaks my heart.

i know a lot of you out there are thinking “it’s just a dog”…but she was so much more than a dog to me. she was family. she was with me for 11 years. she listened to me, she danced with me, she kept me company. all those years i lived alone, i had maggie to talk to. i guess in a way it allowed me to talk to myself without feeling crazy. she went every where with me. every trip. she was my constant companion. she was special. she was the most lovable animal i have ever known. ask anyone who was around her. she was beautiful and perceptive and i think sometimes she knew what was going on with me. she knew when i was happy or sad or hurt or just needing some love. i miss her terribly.

the last several months she has been living with my daughter. i couldn’t keep her here with me. my man’s dog came to live with us and his dog just didn’t like maggie. maggie was a very passive dog and beulah just ran over her, growled, snapped and controlled the environment. i couldn’t allow maggie to live like that. she wouldn’t leave the “bedroom”. she was afraid. so she went to live with ashley. ashley grew up with maggie and  knew her as i did..she loved and cared for her as i always did. i was very comfortable with maggie being there.

i’m sorry that ashley is the one that had to tell me maggie is gone. she did everything she could to find her. in fact, all her family there searched all day for her. but she’s gone. i will never know another pet like her…..

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