Jan 312012

things i hate:

  • when wearing light grey pants to work (or anywhere for that matter) and your waste management system fails to perform properly
  • feeling as if i have little grotesque bugs crawling all over me… i swipe and swipe at all the  invisible critters while folks just look on as if i’m crazy
  • having the women’s restroom located so closely to all the men’s desks in my office – sometimes a girl just has to blow things up and it’s a bit inhibiting to have the guys around
  • people who don’t do their jobs correctly and assume that i have no idea what i’m talking about
  • people who have bills to pay but instead spend their money on vacations and toys…. then they call and want me to help them…. um, no
  • the fact that reefer remains illegal… come on… get with the program!

things i LOVE:

  • a day without panty liners
  • the smell of nag champa wafting through the air
  • waking up next to coach every morning
  • and when he comes home in the evening….. still….
  • criminal minds (the tv show ha!)
  • having an excuse to be all quirky and weird instead of just being “unique”
  • drawing… oh how i love to draw
  • music that i can feel all the way from the top of my head to the tips of my toes

and this –

and my all time favorite song ever that just simply gives me goosebumps and moves me in ways i cannot describe with words… not sure what it is about this song… the words of course… but the music… listen… turn it up… close your eyes… feel it…. incredible….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “love and hate”

  1. what a great post. (Please remember that imitation is the best form of flattery.) Yep, I know all about loose muscles and leaks. Oh badness. Now I wear tunics or dresses over my pants. Since we moved here I have been driven crazy from itches. I’m like a twitcher – scratch the head, the arm, legs and that’s in public. St. Vitus danceer. Someone told me that the grass and sand here hold tiny creatures called “no-see-ums”. Maybe they wanted me to feel better. It drives me crazy always have the creepy crawlies. Yes, female farting should be publicly condoned as social honesty. Reefers, would that make it all so much smoother. What’s the problem there?
    Many of your “loves” are mine too. I’m not so sure I have an excuse for being quirky and weird but what the hell – I am no longer adhering to the ridid rules of our tight assed social mores – Being unique is like being told you’re cute. Now that is worth massive quirky weird just not to be called cute when you are into your 6th decade.
    Luv u kiddo.

  2. OK, now I’m hurt. Under the “things I love”, I don’t know, maybe it was just a simple overlook on your part, but you left WENDELL out of that.
    And, let her blow. If the guys you work with don’t know by now that girls fart, well they got some learning to do!!!

    • well now Wendell my love… i thought that it was understood that you are one of those i love… and Whitney too!!

      spliff… reefer…grass…dube… you know 😉

      oh most days she blows…. not much control there… especially when the waste management team really only works part of the time in this body o mine haha TMI i know

  3. i love this post. 🙂 made me lol! goosebumps popped listening to Zeppelin. I love Battle of Evermore – and have since I was 14! it still moves me. thanks for brightening my day!!
    ps>>I love how quirky and weird you are. and agree with a prior post>>you should become a tattoo artist!!

    • led zeppelin is just the most innovative and artful band i think… they did so much for music… man o man… i don’t think there is song that isn’t just right

      i’m busy pricing tattoo equipment and figuring out what sort of licensing, codes, and other govt interference i have to work around ha!

  4. Things I love:

    Now getting your blog emailed to me. When I wake up and have a new post from you, it always makes the morning so much better!

  5. I do love your brillant honesty about life,
    your willingness to say what you think and mean what you say. You made me lol this morning. Thanks and have a great day!

  6. I get invisible spiders walking over my face. They drive me insane and yes, I must look like a loony. Sigh.

    • oh spiders!

      i see the itty bitty ones that are nothing more than a fleck in space floating in front of me all the time… it’s like the drop down that thread from the ceiling in front of my face just to taunt me LOL

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