Mar 312012


do you see what time it is? 6friggin35 in the AM… on a saturday…. blasted shit

we have a football game in Dawson of all places….. Dawson… has anyone ever been to Dawson? i haven’t…. but i’ll be there today….

last night, round 1 boys varsity soccer state playoffs…. we won… i have no fingernails left! at the end of the regular game time the score was 0-0…. overtime…. 2 periods… and we pulled it off 1-0…. man

think we play round 2 probably on monday or tuesday….

ok i’m off and running (driving)

you all have a fantastic saturday!

and for the morning song – i bring you the undeniable GODS of rock n roll… there is absolutely no way to dispute what these guys did for music… did you know they were the first ones to introduce the double kick bass drum? yep… and many other innovative techniques/styles/compositions that are studied in many music schools to this day….

when i was working out in cali, i had the opportunity to  listen to some of their master recordings… the ones in the “vault” … the studio session masters tapes…. oh my….

OH! did any of you win that huge ass lottery last night? if so, i’m up for adoption…..  just sayin’


  •  March 31, 2012
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