Mar 242010


losing weight is such a major event! it’s hard to accomplish…it requires extreme will-power, support from all those around you, and a desire to really lose the extra pounds.

it was so easy to gain this extra weight i’m carrying around. as a matter of fact, i packed it all on without really even noticing…or i should say not paying attention. and before i knew it, i was fat….50 pounds overweight. when i look at all the weight charts, they classify me as obese! that just makes me want to cry! i haven’t ever thought of myself as obese….yes, i am overweight, i’m pretty round, but obese?

anyhow, this new diet track i’m on seems to be working… and fast! and this is what i need. i need to see results pretty quickly in the beginning…this boosts my motivation. my sticktoitiveness increases immensely when i see results happening.

the first three days were a piece of cake. i gave myself the shots and then i got to “gorge”. the diet actually calls it “force feeding”. naturally most of us would agree that these are happy days! ha  the fourth day started the severe calorie restrictions as well as carbs, and sugars were gone. i felt like sh1t!! i had one of the worst headaches i can remember, i was weak & shaky, and just felt crappy. but then the next day i was beginning to feel better, and now today i feel pretty darn good!

bottom line….i will continue to stick to this. i have lost some weight in the past few days, and i have seen some changes on the tape measure too. i will post my updated charts tomorrow…i do official measurements once a week…..

  •  March 24, 2010
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