Mar 212012

i feel so bad for that chick in the video talking about how far you can go in an hour if you are driving at 80mph… bless her heart… and in the end when she finally tells her husband to stop filming…. holy cow….

the varsity soccer team that coach helps with won district… headed to playoffs… and their goalie is ranked number 8 in the state…woot! go LBJ Soccer Boys!

just heard the drought is over… that was a butt load of rain we got if that is the case

wednesday… how i love thee…. middle of the week…

they filmed America’s Got Talent here over the weekend… would’ve been fun to go watch that… i really like Sharron Osborne and Howard Stern…don’t hate me….

i find that i’m feeling a bit better the past few days…finally… fluid is just about gone from my legs and my weight has gone back to my pre-methyl-ethyl bad stuff iv treatment…whew

symptoms are the same but i can deal with that…

i found some non-alcoholic Bailey’s coffee cream the other day…. happy girl right here

i was looking for a handle this morning as coach and i were walking back from the showers…. i reached out and grabbed… his ass… the center contours make a perfect handle… of course, he just tells me i’m full of shit and that why not admit i was just grabbing his ass …. now would i do such a thing?

i laugh at myself all the time when i realize what i grab for stability, where my hands land… but the funny part is the words that come out of my mouth when trying to explain myself… where does that shit come from?

last night queen beulah had me laughing …. she “broke wind”… squeak! then she promptly spun around to sniff the area in which the wind traveled…. crazy!

i’m working on several drawings at the same time… i don’t know that this is the good way to approach drawing… i’m not making much progress on any of them… i think i need to pick one, finish it, send it off and then go to the next one… i have about 4 different projects i’m working on for other people…. still amazes me

coach found a tattoo kit for only $125 – two guns, ink, practice skins, etc…. everything i need to get started learning and beyond…. decisions decisions…. the money is in the tattooing, not in the drawing, that is for sure


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “looking for a handle”

  1. I had not seen that video! She really just does not get it. Poor thing. She is adorable.

    I don’t believe your ass grabbing story for a minute. 😛

    • haha now why would you doubt me? coach doesn’t believe any of my excuses or justifications either ha! i wish i could remember more of them past the 5 minute mark… he laughs so much at me but i can’t keep hold on the thought long enough to jot down here…. ahhh

      that poor girl… i’m just so grateful that the husband didn’t try to go into RPM’s as she was discussing the number of times the tire spins…

    • She grabs it quite often.
      And that’s not all !!!!!!!!!! OOPS

  2. i think your stuff will look great as tattoos!

    • thanks! i think it would too… i am thinking that some of the designs that are more intricate would look wonderful but would take a while to sit and tat…. i’m excited at the idea though

  3. Love reading all your random thoughts. Glad you’re feeling better!

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