Nov 292010

so i got a message from today… they have uploaded a copy of my yearbook

oh my1 i looked awfully cute young in 1983 ha! check out the wings in that hairdo….

sherri yearbook

1983 Yearbook Snap

sherri 1983 wings

Lunch time... check out the wings!

i wish my face could look so smooth and milky once again… i sure didn’t appreciate my thinness or my hair or anything about myself back then…

and now? dang… wish i could get it back once again…

but i guess that’s pretty normal eh?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  19 Responses to “looking back….”

  1. I’m still reading your posts. 1983 we must be soul sisters that,s the year I got out too.

  2. We all look back and think the same thing. I wonder how many young women are ever really satisfied with their looks. I also envy those women who really, and I do mean it, improve with age. Me, I look just like my paternal grandmother, old.

    • you do not like like an old grandmother!! you just look a little bunged up right now…

      sometimes i wonder if it would be better to age better…maybe then we would appreciate our younger years…hmm

  3. >lol thanks lisa! if only i'd know i was adorable…. ah the memories i could be having now if only i'd known

  4. Now that’s quite a hairdo – I wish I’d ever had such bouncy hair!

    • ha that ol farrah fawcett look… all us girls had it goin on back then… i think it took me more than an hour to get it just right on most days… so glad i grew out of that phase!

  5. I graduated in ’79. Back then I was a dead ringer for Billie Jean King. My high school pictures have all been summarily destroyed.

    • OH! billie jean king… gosh she was all the rage… i loved watching her play tennis…. her glasses left a bit to be desired though

  6. I look at pics of myself as a child and wish I had my skin perfect again. You were adorable!

    • lol thanks lisa! if only i’d know i was adorable…. ah the memories i could be having now if only i’d known

  7. Dare I say that Trapperdude LOVES 80’s hair?!?!
    Very scary.

  8. HEEEEEEY…wait a minute.
    You were in high school in ’83?
    That makes ME older than YOU!
    That means I have the power of the remote.

    • LOL i graduated in 1983… seems so long ago!

      power of the remote eh? k i’ll give and while you’re playing with the remote, i get the computer! ha!

  9. Wowzers girl, you rocked those 80’s wings!
    I hear the 80’s are back in style.
    yeah…thin and I didn’t even have to work at it…the nice thing about getting old is that
    And I refuse to look at old yearbooks.
    Nuh-huh, bad enough the first go round 😉

    • my poor mom…i’m sure that my hairspray bill broke her bank… the funny thing about those wings was when it was windy… if the wind came up from behind, the wings would stand up! straight up… aquanet is a wonderful thing!

      i think the 80’s had the worst style of any decade….

  10. Man. I’m only 23 and am already seeing pictures of myself back in high school that I envy. Sigh. Getting old is mildly depressing.

    • oh girl… you haven’t even started yet! wait til you get that invite to your 25th high school reunion… ugh! (gotta pluck before that event ha)

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