Sep 172011

so i got my BFF back the other day! woot! i have missed BFF so much… yes, i’m sick… i’m an addict…

hello, my name is sherri and i’m a techno, puter, geek addict…. forgive me

so the last few days have been spent restoring files and programs from the backup… i’m going slow (jan…) and doing a deep scan on every file before putting it back in my BFF’s brain… so far so good…

i have made a system recovery disk and i have set things up to do an automatic backup every few days… probably a bit overkill but i don’t give a shit… i was so distraught when i started getting HDD failure messages… made me sick to think i might lose some of the things i have stored within the lobes of the BFF

we had football friday…

#ff6600;">bad, bad, bad…. awful… bad…

half time arse chewing

post 1/2 time ass chew...

but i was there in all my glory… as usual… and i even had the purple spirit head going on…

spirit head

purple spirit head...

so we got mostly fixed up after the great flood of september 2011 but there are a few issues that remain… first of all#000000;"> the AC is STILL freakin dripping … dang it…

and there is a SMALL leaky thing going on under the sink where coach replaced the water line… me thinks i’m not strong enough to tighten it down good so coach will have to take care of that when he gets home from work… saturday film shit of course….

i am a #000000;">napster queen… i love my music…bet you didn’t know that did you? ha

with my BFF friend back home and thinking clearly, i am now able to get the tunes going again… it’s been a morning of Amy Winehouse and Eddie Vedder and Adele and Madeleine Peyreux and The Rave Ups and The Cure and many many more!

i adamantly declare that every single one of these songs are worth a listen… with the volume WAY UP HIGH!…. i prefer my music with my super duper way cool over the ear headphones… no outside noise or distractions from the ultimate tracks in music… i can hear every single instrument, every single note, every single little nuance of each song… incredible… even if these songs are not to your liking, you must be able to appreciate the artistry and the musicality of the arrangements, not to mention the instrument that is the voice…. but i just wouldn’t be able to understand someone not liking these songs…. makes me wanna get up and move!

i am becoming the consummate chair dancer 🙂

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Now you know you all are going to stop trying to make rain as it keeps backfiring and drizzling inside instead of outside.

    Purple is most awesome! Remember even Jesus saves, so no such thing as too many backups. Be happy you do not have 1.5 terabytes worth of pics and music 🙂 that are now backed up on dvd and cd disc 😛 oh yeah, all account passwords on thumb drive so when my brain goes to la la land . …

    • it just rains and rains inside lol

      i love purple too! and there are so many shades out there… and Jesus saves! love it!

      i don’t have near a terabyte yet.. i have about 57G of stuff though…

      as for passwords and acct information, i have it saved all over the place too lol i forget often… and there are so many of them! work, home, other work, etc… bleh

  2. jeez. i should get out more. the only artist i knew was amy winehouse. no i have another TO DO to add to my list. Love that purple (my fav color) headgear.

    • oh paula! you must check out Adele and Madeleine Peyroux… i think you might really like them!!

      purple is the team color for coach’s school…. gotta have some spirit… i have threatened to put some purple streaks in my hair or heaven forbid – paint my face lol

  3. I love the purple headscarf! And every one of the female artists you mentioned and The Cure and I’m not familiar with the others but someday… And you are RIGHT – today’s headphones are phenomenal! Songs I thought I knew & loved back then turns out are WAY deeper & more layered than I ever knew!

    • did you see the movie Pretty in Pink? i think that was one we all must’ve watched at some time or another… anyway, The Rave Ups is the band in the bar when Duckie is hitting on her friend…. lol

      and eddie veder – he’s the lead singer for Pearl Jam doing some solo stuff

  4. I was a mess when my computer was dying. I back up everything now on a seperate hardrive, and I put REALLY REALLY important stuff on Hubber’s laptop too, and a memory stick…and I’m with Norton backup as well. I could be a bit paranoid.
    Liking your purple scarf and your new blog background, I love paisley!

    • oh i LOVE paisley too! i wish it would really take hold and come back in style…

      i’ve been in a bohemian sort of mood of late and this pattern just fits perfectly with that mood

      i have so many memory sticks and external storage devices ha one of these days i need to get them organized and get rid of all the many duplications i have on them lol

  5. So glad you got your BF home again. I think they should be sold with ‘warning this product make cause addiction’ in BIG letters. Sigh. Loving the purple headscarf.

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