Dec 172011
*disclaimer:  read at your own risk. this is pretty much exactly how my brain works… i am not kidding… you might want to have something to drink with bubbles in it before you attempt to follow this train…

oh lists…

i have so many of them

generally i forget where the list is that i made so i have to make a new one…but then i can’t remember what was on that list so it’s hard to make a new one… when i get the new one made well it’s an entirely different list than the first one that i lost… and then when i inevitably find the first one, oh man… so many things i forgot to add to the second one…  crap…  (confused yet?)

so with first list in hand i sit down to take care of this deed- the creation of a new list that combines list one and list two… shit, where’s the second list? my word…. ok, well i tell myself “self, let’s do this… you can surely remember what was on the second list and join it with the first list”  so now i combine the first list and what i think was on the second list because i’m certain i can remember what’s on the second list that i cannot find….

(obviously i learned nothing from the first lost list morphing into the second list creation and have ended up with yet another list to lose)

so now there is a third list… which in reality, is only an extension of the first list on a different piece of paper… or cardboard… or the table top…since i couldn’t really find the second list and only hope that i remembered the items on the second list…ha!

three freakin lists… and they are all different… oh well… (and this is just at home… don’t even get me started about work lists)

when i finally get around to wanting to take care of some items on  the list (which list)... the long edition of the first list naturally… hell, where is that freakin’ list? oh but here is the second list! i’ll just work on that one… but wait, i remember some things i put on the newer longer version of the first list, which is actually the third list…

until i find that other list… or 4 – those are the ones i forgot i even made and try to combine the lost lists again into bigger better and more comprehensive lists of things that i may or may not ever get done

after all this convoluted list making, i think i end up with most things done that i wanted to achieve…and when i lose that last shiny marble that i’m so desperately hanging on to, or when i’m just plain ol gone, someone is going to find a whole jumble of lists that will make any mangled brain proud! if that person happens to be you, make sure you check every pocket in every piece of clothing, every purse, wallet, cubby, drawer, under all mats, inside books… you just never know where the lists might be lurking

(there may be a craft project/art journal/something fun to be made with all the lost lists)


gotta love a mangled brain 🙂


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “lists”

  1. sounds about right – so I do not make lists anymore. I do have post its lots of post its! and KRP leaves me notes attached to items she knows I will use – like the coffee pot. The best one I remember said something like do not set this note down until you have marked off everything on it.

  2. I went crazy with lists an lost lists … so now I be sure to have pockets! I put the list in my pocket.
    I have been putting lots of need right away things in my bulging pocket-s. I look like a squirrel with bulging cheeks stuffing more in. So I may carry a purse everywhere LOL! I am sure this will lead to a suitcase. Someone stop me! Before I leave I want to say I feel your pain 😉

    • LOL i haven’t thought of pulling out the suitcase yet! i already carry a sling pack backpack instead of a purse ha! i see trouble…

  3. I need lists. Lots of lists. And I always make sure to put something on the list that I KNOW I can cross off so I feel I’ve achieved something.

    • i do the same… at least one thing on the list must go each day so i don’t feel as though i’ve failed the day … sometimes i think that sets me up for failing in itself LOL

  4. OMG- This totally sounds like me
    I made a list the other night of the millions of things to accomplish this week
    Since it was so long & overwhelming, I broke that list down into sub list
    I then took my sub list & made Christmas Lists, To buy at Walmart list, etc
    It’s never ending!!! I LOVE THIS
    You may now be my new favorite fellow list maker 🙂

    • haha i’m so glad i’m not the only one out there! i just hate when i lose a list because all the fog in my noggin pretty much voids out any thought once i’ve written it down for supposed safe keeping ha!

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