Aug 102010

Most days we rock along not thinking too much about what goes on in the world. We get up – most of us have some sort of morning routine – get to work or accomplish the tasks set for the day, we may notice the weather…. we communicate on the surface with other people we come into contact with… and we come back home to reunite with family at the end of the day. Usually.

And at home… do we really pay attention to one another? When in conversation with your family, do you really listen to what they are saying… fully listen? No TV, no distractions? When you say “how was your day?” or “how are you?” are you prepared for the answer? And if you are asked these questions… do you give a generic “it was alright” or “I’m fine”?

I was reminded this week about how precious human life is. The risk of losing someone close to you can really put a new spin on how we look at things. It helps bring things back into perspective… helps to reel back in from the extravagances or minuscule worries we build beyond bounds.

I hope that each of us would take a few minutes each day, every day, and truly listen to those around us. Keep those who are important to you ( and those who are not) in mind…. remember the ripple effect and that each thought, each action has an impact on the universe… whether or not you realize it….

Hug those around you that you love, let them know they are important to you… let them know you love them. Every day. It’s not sappy… it’s crucial!

  •  August 10, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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