Nov 292010

i need to write…. it’s a need… a desire… but i don’t know what to write about or where to start….
maybe i need to hook up on some sort of writing prompt creative website or something…
in the meantime, we’ll play some catch up on what’s happened over the past few days… k?

just a pretty flower….

  • since i work for a school district, i managed to have a looong weekend – 5 days!
  • i can’t remember wednesday… i have to think….maybe going backwards will help
  • damn short term memory isn’t working at all anymore
  • today – nothing… the cold air has made my MS crap act up badly
  • discovery! temps above 72 and below 65 and i’m screwed… falling down, dizzy, chicken walking…
  • saturday was a busy day of high school football playoffs 
  • leander vs mesquite horn at floyd casey – that’s in waco… baylor bears stadium…cool
  • after that it was desoto vs bowie in round rock
  • leander lost, desoto won
  • more playoffs next week….desoto vs stony point in waco
  • coach is now a defensive coordinator for the capital city spartans – new semi-pro team
coach @ last game of 2010 LBJ season

  • more football….they have team tryouts sunday
  • their season runs february to june…
  • this means football from july all the way to the following june…. holy hell!
  • friday – hmmm, lemme think (short term glitches again)
  • oh wait…friday was a day of rest… i don’t think we got dressed til like maybe 4 (in the PM)
  • thursday was a day of thanks with family…we went to coach’s brother’s house… good times
  • ok now i remember wednesday!
  • wednesday – trip to brenham… visit family and oh yeah! the potty break episode at starbucks! how could i forget that one!
  • my MS meds came in… the golden Copaxone
  • insurance if fabulous…can’t believe i said that…they are covering $2,808 a month for my meds… i am paying $25… 
  • yes you read that right
  • Copaxone is $34,000 a year! can you give me a great big HOLY HELL!?
  • the nurse comes tomorrow to teach me h0w to use this big ass auto injector thingy
  • coach’s brother wants to be the waterboy for the new team… he’s 52 (i think his wife wants him out of the house more often)
  • and his nephew will need a job on the team too…. it’s a football family
  • i can’t think of anything else…
  • oh – we laughed last night… that jack nicholson movie where he is going out with all the young girls…
  • he has a heart attack and the one girl’s mother (diane keeton) has to take care of him… she dates the doctor (keanu reeves)
  • can’t remember the name
  • funny ass movie!

so now it’s back to the normal routine of work tomorrow… don’t want to go…please don’t make me! i really really don’t want to go… my stress levels rise just thinking about it…. ugh

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “let’s play a little catch up”

  1. >ha! i do my best to keep every one informed on all the important junk … sort of ;)i got my claim on my meds today… the total price is $2119.30 a month for this stuff! glad i only have to do the $25 copay…whew!

  2. >I haven't seen "it's complicated" yet but both coach & i thought it looked like a good movie…waiting for netflix to have it available

  3. >I am very grateful for the injector. I just could not believe how huge that darn thing was when I opened it! Oh my! I have given myself various injections over the years but they didn't hurt… unlike what I hear about Copaxone…. not really looking forward to it….

  4. >Sac is in a different league but I think they do playoffs…so if both teams do really well, you never know!I'm just a funny kinda gal… it's gotten me into a bit of trouble from time to time 🙂 yet I continue ha!I wish CyberMonday was actually on Tuesday… that's my payday this month… alas, I will have to skip out on all the bargains this year…boo!

  5. >u know…i am dreading going back to the grind myself; i've been off since last Friday – UGH!!!! anyhoo, that injector was the only reason that i tool the copaxone as i was supposed to on most days. 1 time i didn't have it and a friend had to give me the shot – i just couldn't do it without the injector.

  6. >•You get to use MS as an excuse for memory loss too? All I got is "I'm getting old!"•34K a year for one med? Egads!! •Coachs life is like football on steroids! Oh, wait, is that a redundant statement?•So will his team come to Sac and play the mountain lions?•How's it that even when you can't think of anything to write you're still funny?•Have yerself a grand cyber Monday….isn't that why so many people are happy to go to "work" today? Hmm? Eh? •I'm just sayin'….

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