Jun 062012

we are still in austin… running a tad bit behind… imagine that ha!

yesterday did not go as planned …. we spent the day at Dell Children’s Hospital. a family member of coach’s had brain surgery yesterday. she’s 7 years old and had a tumor in her brain. it was removed and at last report, she was doing fine. i’m glad we were able to be there and sit with family for the day.

but – we are now running a day behind…well, more like 1/2 day behind. it’s a happy time and we are excited but it’s also been a frustrating time trying to get everything fixed, packed, loaded, organized, and just done.

that hospital is really cool! they had so many displays and such that are geared for kids… one in particular i really liked. it was a giant mousetrap type thing… remember the game mousetrap? it was like that only gigantic! i stood and watched that thing for a long time.

it was very sad to see so many sick and suffering kids rolling around that joint. pushing their iv poles with parents in tow. but i do have to say that most of them appeared to be pretty happy … well as happy as can be i suppose…

so we are getting ready to eat breakfast, load up the ghia and make the first run to edinburg… back home tonight to get the travel trailer ready to go tomorrow….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “let the move begin”

  1. Slow down friend! Savor this move!! 🙂

  2. Kids are amazing that way. They have not learned any expectations yet and they just go with what is happening. They are so in the moment. They are either really happy, really angry, really sad and then everything is OK again. We all have a lot to unlearn from children.

  3. I agree with Wendell – unless there is a big arse fire chasing yah all down the road. Your are making me tired thinking about it all. Heck, if nothing else I might just start going through all our stuff accumulated all these years and get a head start on it. That way if we ever get to move outta here . …

  4. Chill out sweety, you don’t need the demon to get any more stirred up than it already is. You have NOTHING but time right now. Plans are just that, plans. Made to be changed. Hugs!!

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