Apr 172012

yeah, so…

coach is no longer a coach at LBJ High School in Austin, TX…. it seems that the new head coach has decided after all that he’s going to be bringing in his own coaches….

this comes after he said he wasn’t going to do that… when he arrived he assured all of them that he would not be “cleaning house”… whatever

appreciate the honesty dude

he was hired because of his discipline policy, which is not a bad thing… but right out of the gate he’s dishonest with the coaching staff… less than 6 weeks in and he’s firing coaches….i can tell you one thing here – this is not the way to build respect within the athletics department at that school, or with the community. the parents and community LOVE the coaches…. i’m not kidding… and the athletes? i don’t think they are gonna be all that happy about it either. somehow it just doesn’t make sense to me to come into a new job, new school.. and replace every freakin one of the existing staff…. there were no issues… they were a winning football program… it would make more sense to work with them for a bit and then figure out what is in the best interest of the program and the athletes.

i know this is how things work in the coaching world… i don’t understand how they can come in and fire folks… obviously he must have the support of the district athletic department and that of the school principal (no big shock there)….but HR? how does HR reconcile this? is there paperwork involved? there must be because the coaches are paid a stipend depending on what sports they are coaching….

and the next concern is his teaching position… does he get to keep that? or will they cut him loose to make room for all the new coaches and their teaching fields?

ok, i’m done venting now…

i have to remind myself and coach that old saying… when one door closes, another opens up….

let’s hope a door opens up for him soon….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “LBJ football is now a thing of our past”

  1. Ugh. No matter how well it ultimately turns out, losing a job is just so, so upsetting. I am really sorry and am praying that whatever is best will work out.

    Off the subject, my daughter, a dyed-in-the-wool Jersey Girl lives in Austin. She moved there last year because of her husband’s job. She quite likes it there! 🙂

  2. I am so so sorry. It doesn’t seem fair. It isn’t fair. Not to coach, not to you, not to the athletes.

    • not fair at all… but it’s the way things work in the coaching world…. i don’t like it at all…. coach came home and he was fine, i was the angry one LOL

  3. Sorry to hear about this Sherri. Perhaps a visit to HR just to see what his rights are in this situation is in order. Best of luck all around.

    • i suggested it… and i read the employee handbooks and all the HR documents…and i found that this is the way things work in the world of coaching… pretty dang stupid if you ask me

  4. So sorry for this news. I hope that exciting opportunities will present themselves in the very near future.
    Stay inspired!

  5. That really sucks, Sherri. As a principal, I had to do some cleaning out, but I never touched the good ones! I feel so bad for him and you. Maybe there’s something great waiting for you guys elsewhere! Fingers crossed.

    • ah Muff, i would hate to be a principal in the position of cleaning house like this… the impact that has on the lives of the folks …. but alas, coach is feeling pretty good about it… he said it’s the nature of the beast and risk they all take to work as coaches…. haha much better than i thought he would take the whole thing

  6. Sorry to hear this Sherri 🙁
    It doesn’t seem fair to let the coaches go for no reason, but then life isn’t always fair. I hope something is waiting on the other side of that door for him.

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