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This is absolutely amazing! Only one of the employees was fired? What about the sleeping dispatcher, or the supervisor who watching a sitcom? At least the call-taker answered the phone…granted she got the location wrong. The whole crew needs to be looked at…not just the call-taker! This story is full of so many errors that it is ridiculous. And what of the sheriff who delayed starting a search??

A lawsuit filed by the family of a woman who wandered along a snowy New Mexico highway in 2007 with her 15 month-old child is specific: when a passing motorist dialed 911 to report the woman at 3:30 a.m., one Torrance County dispatcher was asleep, the supervisor was watching a TV sitcom on his laptop in an office, and calltaker Jeanine Arnold was working the fourth night of 12-hour shifts. The woman put the child down at some point, and the infant was later found dead in a field. According to depositions, Arnold relayed a wrong location of the motorist to a state police dispatcher, sending troopers 16 miles from the actual sighting. She also didn’t notify her supervisor of the incident, and coded it only as a welfare check, the lawsuit states, instead of something more serious. The wandering woman, Diana Willis, was traveling with a 15 month-old baby, and apparently suffered from psychiatric problems. She pulled off the road and began walking into a field, and at some point she put the child down and continued walking. Troopers didn’t find the woman after a 35-minute search. Willis stumbled into a highway department yard later that morning. However, the lawsuit claims, the sheriff didn’t start a search promptly or focus on the correct area. The child’s body was found the next day about two miles from the highway yard. Arnold was later fired from her dispatcher job. Read more about the lawsuit here.
  •  March 31, 2010
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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