Sep 032012

Coach had to work today. No school holiday… boo! In fact, they don’t have many holidays at all in this district. Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring Break… That’s it… pft.

So, since my hands seem to be working at about 1/2 capacity (and I’m awake which is sorta important), I spent the day sketching…. I did another EDM the other day but have been too lazy to scan & post it… EDM #3 is sketching a bag.

This afternoon I opened up one of my sketching books – Pencil Sketch Drawing Lessons, Learning To Sketch With Expression and Power. It was one of those free e-books… I started at the beginning with basic human figure drawing. Here are my first two attempts…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  17 Responses to “Labor Day Sketching”

  1. Oh, I like, I like.

  2. Excellent! The figures are especially powerful.

  3. Great sketches!! Self-portraits??

    • Oh Muff! I’m laughing so hard right now! That most certainly isn’t even close to me… although I wish it were haha I’m much more rubenesque than the sketch… such is life…. now the man figure could be Coach

  4. Very nice. This is where I should say that if i drew a bag it would look like a pile of . . .. of my people well aliens? LOL you are talented my friend!

  5. Good work! Even going for human body that is so difficult!

  6. Nice form on your figure drawings.

  7. Your bag is great as are the figure sketches. Don’t you love those free e classes?? Have a lovely day.

  8. Love the bag – and then got blown away by the grace and movement in those sketches. Thank you.

  9. Your words are so powerful and so are these beautiful sketches!

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