Jul 242012
  • While at the gas station yesterday things began spinning a few times. I’m grateful that I had finished pumping the gas and replaced the nozzle to the pump. Imagine the mess of spewing gas…eek!
  • I had to sit for several minutes in my car before I felt comfortable capable of starting out again… I was on my way to pick Coach up from work and couldn’t leave the studmuffin waiting too long for me
  • After picking him up, we headed over to H.E.B to pick up a few things. I have never been grocery shopping and felt like the world was coming to an end…right there in the store! The folks with carts drive just as horribly in the store as they do on the road. The cashier was telling us stories about people getting rammed with carts without apology… and crashes in the parking lot too… I’m not sure why people feel it’s okay to just park their cart full of kids in the middle of any isle while they walk around and shop. This causes a huge clog in the system.
  • And then there are those people who are so oblivious to the world. It’s like they believe they are the only ones in this space we call the universe and therefore everything must bounce off or move around them. Like the couple who was playing all kissy face… every isle we went down they were there. Kissing in front of the tuna… kissing in front of the rice. Kissing in front of the cereal. EVERYWHERE. These weren’t just any kisses either…they were of the good variety. You know the kind… you forget where you are and that there are 100’s of folks around either watching with envy, or becoming annoyed that they can’t finish the shopping because the path is clogged with kissy face people.
  • I am having a rough day already. The old legs just aren’t working right. I find that I’m bouncing and spazzy. Stepping is a chore. Hopefully they will get better as the day goes on…although I’m sorta thinking a nap would be good. Screw the walking lol
  • I intend to sketch another face this afternoon. I’m out of watercolors for the most part so I am thinking of coloring things with map pencils… they turn out pretty good when smudged around.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “Kissing at H.E.B”

  1. oh those crazy trolleys! and combined with my crazy legs it’s a train wreck any time I go shopping! hope you feel better soon

    • thank you! I’ve since began feeling much better… of course it’s not 100+ degrees outside right now so that makes a huge difference LOL As for the carts, I’ve learned to either stay out of everyone’s way, or just ram back haha

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. One of those days huh?
    What’s H.E.B. ?

  3. Ewwww, I hate PDAs, too. I’ll add that to my list of pet peeves!! Hope you start to feel better soon.

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