Apr 082012

it’s so important to pay attention to the people around you…your neighbors, co-workers, etc. so important….

i’ve mentioned it before- we live in an RV park. much of the time this lifestyle makes it hard to pay attention to people… their habits, their mannerisms, their personalities. but i try. there are many people here that live alone and have very few visitors. some of the spaces are long timers, others are vacationers or short timers.

there is a man behind us who has been here for several months. i don’t know him, have never spoken to him… i don’t know if he works or what kind of work it would be. he lives alone and has a lady friend that comes to visit every other weekend or so – now this lady friend could be a daughter, sister, lover… i have no idea.

this morning was such a nice one that i went outside and sat on the porch for a bit. just watching the birds and junk…. i notice the man walking up to his “front door”… i don’t know where he came from. he was fully dressed, shirt tucked in even. and he was carrying a large piece of tinted glass – it looked like a replacement window for his van… the window has been covered with a trash bag ever since he first arrived here…

anyhow, he walked up to his front door and just stood there…staring at the side of his RV. just staring and standing. weird. after a few minutes, he he put the glass down on the ground and then stood up to continue his staring…. staring and standing… several more minutes went by… i was thinking that this was very odd behavior. yesterday he seemed “normal”…. he went inside his RV but left the front door standing open… i mentioned to coach what i was observing… we both thought it odd… something was wrong i think…

but i’m a dumbass… i didn’t want to make a call and have them come out here if nothing was wrong.. maybe he was just thinking and figuring out something about that window…. maybe…

so coach left to go feed the horse and i came inside… but i opened my blinds so i could see the man’s RV… my plan was to watch for about 20 minutes and if he didn’t come back out i was going to call 911 for a welfare check. as it turned out, i didn’t have to wait very long at all….

the man came back out with only his shirt on… his pants were down around his ankles… i picked up the phone to make the call. while i was on the phone with the dispatcher, the man picked up the glass and approached the van… i couldn’t see him from where i was sitting so i stepped outside… when i did i saw that he had taken off his shirt….

so now he’s got his pants around his ankles and his shirt wadded up under his arm… full monty… and he’s walking around with the glass window under his other arm…. i lost sight of him again as he walked on the road to the front of his RV… i heard a crashing sound… i got my shoes on – all the while i’m on the phone with the dispatcher….

when i go out and walk through the yard so i can see him, i choked on a bug….

i was worried i was going to see him laying on the road after falling or something…. but what i saw was him standing in the road with his shirt now looped around his neck, pants still down around his ankles, and he was looking at the broken glass on the ground. the manager comes down the road on his golf cart and tries to talk to the man – but the manager backed off really quickly…the manager starts looking for his cell phone and i yelled across that i was on the phone with 911…

the man started walking back towards his van so i moved to keep an eye on him… i told the dispatcher to send EMS as well as law enforcement…. the next thing i know the man has what looks like a knife and he’s pushing it into his eye…. oh my! he started to push it in then jumped and pulled the knife away… a few seconds later he grabs one eye with his fingers and was holding it shut while he pushed the knife into his other eye…..

holy crap

the dispatcher was giving the information updates to the deputies as i told her what was happening…. she asked me if i saw her deputy… about that time i see him creeping up quietly from the other direction…. the deputy got close enough to see the man and the knife and started giving commands for the man to put the knife down and get on the ground…. he had his taser out just in case….

the neighbor man finally got down on the ground after being told 4 or 5 times… the deputy runs up and grabs the knife and gets the man in handcuffs… the back up deputies arrived about this time… they put gloves on because of the blood…. EMS showed up about that time and got the man on a stretcher and took him away….

then they went through his RV and checked the van… there was no one else there… they got it all locked up for him and left…

i sure hope that he’s okay…

and i’m just dying over here because i should’ve called sooner… i should’ve gone over to ask him if he was alright when i saw him first staring at the side of the RV… maybe he wouldn’t have hurt himself had i done that… but then again… maybe he would’ve hurt me if he was in the midst of a mental break or something…

diabetic? stroke? mental break? drugs? alcohol? i don’t know…. but he was not himself…. i’ve never seen him drinking or seen anything that appeared to be drug-like activity… i have to assume something medical…

bless his heart… i hope he’s alright…

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. This is one of those times where whatever you did you would probably have wished you would have done somethig different. As I say, we do the best we can with what we have to work with. That includes the information we have available.

    You did what you thought was right at the time with the information you had available.

  2. I hope you are OK. It sounds as if you did the best thing you could. Noticing that there was something amiss and watching to make sure. You are a wonderful person and I good neighbour as well. Sending good wishes to you and to him.

  3. Sherri, you did the right thing. Many calls to 911 are made unnecessarily. Taking the wait and see approach as you did was good. There is a reason many people end up living in a trailer park. Psychosis is one of them. Simple lack of resources, though, is the main one. You are a good neighbor.

    Happy Easter!

  4. My goodness sure hope hes going to be alright! I’m glad you didn’t go over that knife could have ended anywhere, since you didn’t know him don’t think it would have been a wise move to talk to him for the first time. It’s a good thing you were watching so he got help as fast as he. Glad your okay, as well as you can be after seeing all of that.

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