Aug 152012

#000000;">If we had to make a choice between outer pleasure, comfort & peace, and inner freedom & ultimate happiness, we should choose inner peace. If we could find that within, then the outer would take care of itself. –Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

  • #000000; font-family: Buxton Sketch; font-size: 14pt;">I like what that quote says. #000000;">It makes perfect sense to me… now if I could just get there ha!
  • #000000;">Yesterday I filled out yet another form for my disability claim. I wonder how many of these forms they will send me. They are all so redundant as well. The information they are requesting was given on the original application. Weird.. and a waste of paper! Each packet has about 14 pages. Craziness. And mind boggling too.
  • #000000;">I was at a Stripes convenience store yesterday. When I got ready to swipe my handy dandy plastic card, I barely caught a glimpse of the advertisement on the screen of the little swipey box thing. There was a picture of a breakfast taco & just underneath it said “Don’t Lick The Screen” … for some reason that really tickled me. The clerk just stood there looking at me as if I was from some unknown universe way beyond the edges of the milky way. Sheesh, lighten up!
  • #000000;">Wonder what he would’ve done had I bent over and licked the screen…. now that would’ve been flippin hilarious! … Maybe next time
  • #000000;">Although I love the fact that Visa Fraud is top-notch & doing a bang up job of keeping our accounts safe, I’m pretty sick & tired of being embarrassed at each & every store I try to swipe my card at. Declined. Declined. Declined. Then I get the infamous phone call from Visa Fraud attempting to confirm that it is actually precious lil o’me trying to make a purchase. This has happened to us for the past 3 days in a row. I’ve talked to Martha at Visa Fraud no less than 6 times in the past 3 days. FLAG MY ACCOUNT ALREADY! We are doing some serious clothes/school supply/setting up a new home shopping… pft.
  • #000000;">I guess I shouldn’t bitch too much. As soon as they stop watching our money go through the revolving doors of the bank, that is just when some scumbucket from WalMart will pilfer the number off our card and try to use it in Oklahoma again.
  • #000000;">I’m so tired of being tired. Really. I wake up and within 2 hours it’s already nap time. Not by choice either. My eyes just will not stay open! The start getting a little fuzzy & itchy. Next, the lids start drooping a bit. I shake my head & take a swig of coffee – they pop open. For about 2.45 minutes. Then the droop starts up… and eventually they just won’t open anymore. I have slid down in my seat so many mornings while trying to fight it. I have fallen asleep with my head on the breakfast table resting precariously next to my cream cheese slathered bagel. I have fallen asleep sitting upright on the couch only to wake up at some point in that sleeping-in-the-wrong-position pain. One of these days I might learn to just give in to it. But probably not.
  • #000000;">I was barely able to walk through the Staples store this afternoon… then had to make a stop at the grocery to pick up some salad stuff… bleh. Thank goodness for shopping carts or my happy ass woulda been right there on the ground of the dressing isle.
  • #000000;">I did make some good purchases though… cantaloupe, carrot sticks, celery sticks…
  • #000000;">Beulah thought she might like to share my afternoon snack of celery sticks slathered in cream cheese… oh so good! I gave her a small piece of the green stalk… silly dog… she spent 30 minutes licking the cream cheese off then chewed the celery for a second, leaving a rather worn and frayed piece of celery behind.
  • #000000;">Maggie used to eat that stuff. She was a fruits & veggies dog… much preferred that over meat. Weirdo. At my grandma’s house there was some pear trees in the yard. They were hard as rocks and really only good to feed the cows & horses. I suppose one could have baked with them if one was into that sort of thing. I am not. Maggie LOVED those pears. She would snatch them from the ground under the tree – and if there were none? Well, she’d just put her front legs up on the tree and push on it until some fell down. I can’t count the times I walked down to those trees with a box or two to gather up pears for that dog.
  • #000000;">Salad too…she loved salads. Her dressing of choice was buttermilk ranch. She couldn’t stand Italian or French. She’d push the salad around so she could eat the pieces without dressing if I happened to be out of ranch.
  • #000000;">Okay, off to get some organizing done. Pft. We’ll see how that goes.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I sooo know that tired feeling — been there so often! we’ll be puppy sitting tonight and for the next week — Kasey will not even look at a veggie though! He’s a meat boy!

  2. We had a cat whose all time favourite food was cauliflower pilaf. Once they get their heads/hearts set on something…. And I hear you about fatigue. It is so all encompassing it needs to be called something else.

    • it’s funny the things they like to eat… Beulah is “sensitive” to people food and we have to be careful what we give her…. even she loves something she will still only get one little nibble. most times she gets nothing more then the essence of food when she licks our bowls or plates. Otherwise, she’ll up-chuck the food… and usually that is on the bed on MY pillows … her aim is impeccable

  3. Laughing at Beulah. Silly dog!

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