Jan 182012

busy busy busy….

the theme of my days lately. i’m ready for it to all slow down just a bit…. without my energy medicine it’s a bit difficult to keep up… i spent the past weekend sleeping…

after a month with no Copaxone i finally got more yesterday… lovely beast of a shot that it is… i must say though, i sure have enjoyed the month with no injections. i didn’t take a hiatus for my own selfish reasons (as much as i hate the junk)… no, this hiatus was imposed by that lovely institution commonly referred to as insurance… bastards! but in the end, the finally decided they would go ahead and cover my meds for another year….

i’ve been getting notices and reading news reports that many insurance companies are looking at stopping the coverage of the DMD’s for MS. lovely. the beginning of healthcare reform? when someone else gets to decide what i can have and what i cannot? i guess if my income allowed i could forego insurance and pay the $4,000 a month out of pocket… pft yeah right

the MS is been pretty tolerable the past few weeks. i’ve actually been doing karate warm ups like i used to do… no karate, but the warm ups are pretty invigorating all on their own. i haven’t had the balance or coordination to do those things in more than a year… coolness 🙂

seems that i may be traveling in the near future…. training… in Maryland… coolness again… i’ll have to be sure to spruce up all the unmentionable body parts for the free random TSA grope… lovely….

this whole name change thing is a pain in the butt…. i’m in limbo between being 1/2 Stakes and 1/2 Abendroth ha! the official marriage license came in the mail so i can work on getting the documents that will make me a whole one last name person again…

i don’t have much this morning… tired, busy, tired, busy….

happy hump day!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I’ve been a tad bit worried about some of the local reforms that would work against me in so many ways. It worries me, as I see it does you. All I want is to live with controlled pain and keep my body from turning on itself. It is shameful that a total stranger gets to decide (usually based on profit) what will be acceptable treatment.

  2. I am worried about the new changes even though I’m not on a DMD. (had problems with everything, ugh) Things are getting worse. My PA didn’t even want to write me a lab order for a thyroid test (it came back abnormal – I felt a sense of relief, like whew…thank goodness? as if I had to justify my reason?) and that’s just for starters.

    It feels like health care is being rationed. I can’t explain it. We’ll see….

  3. Sherri Abendroth. I like it. (not that I didn’t like Sherri Stakes…)

    Yes, you will cool off in Maryland. I’m keeping well cooled off her in Washington state. I think we have made the news with our snow and icy mess up here.

    Happy travels to you. And I wouldn’t “clean up” for the inspection. I think they’ll just be patting you down over your clothes, and feeling you up as well. Might as well enjoy it. Okay…maybe not.

  4. I am on Betaferon not Copaxone, but they are both covered under our National Health Insurance. I pay a co-payment of $34.20 each for most of my prescriptions. If I was a pensioner it would be less. It is (mostly) a good system.

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