Jun 062011

yea! i see some of the familiar faces over there on the friend connect! i am so glad to see you guys! i was afraid of losing some interweb friends with this move… and i am so relieved!

it’s been hell trying to get my old posts to import… don’t know if that will ever work… we’ve been trying to come up with some options… and don’t you know there will be loads of changes coming over the next few months as my guru teaches me the ropes over here and i learn not to get things all jacked up (which i have done many times in the few short days here)

it’s been a great few days….

spent some good time with mom & dad2… i so enjoy getting to visit with them. and to see how well mom is doing is something that really helps me find some peace….

dad2 took coach fishing… they caught 28 trout today… we came home with 21 fillets! woot! that will make more than a few good meals for coach & i

mom cooked so much good food too… we had steak, we had chicken fried pork chops… yum!

i was totally and completely wiped out on sunday… all the traveling with little sleep left me really wonky most of the day but today i’m much better…we came home today… as much as i love going it is so wonderful to come home…

i don’t have much more right now…  the blog is starting to take some shape and feel like home once again… i know it will take some time…. i’m still learning the ropes…

a huge thank you to kmilyun for all her help! without her, well, let’s just say that this whole move would have been a complete disaster! i owe her big tim

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Hello there. I have a nice ivy for your house warming gift in celebration of the move, heehee.

    Still planning on the trip the week of the fourth, just don’t know what days yet.


    Coach get anywhere with that thing we were texting about yesterday?

    • thanks for the lovely plant! i just happen to LOVE ivy’s!

      i’m excited about a visit… i have missed you!!

      he emailed and sent some more info in – today he’s making phone calls… say a prayer or 3!

  2. Sherri, Glad to see you’re settling in to your new digs. Looking forward to your wit, once you get the thing tweaked to your liking. Thanks also to Jan for helping to get you set up. Now that would have made a cute two-sided video!!

    • ha Muff! I Jan started working on her side of the video yesterday… and boy it’s a good one…that woman is so freakin creative with the videos! Mine is not going to be nearly as cinematic as hers…. ha!

      I’m looking forward to my wit returning… hopefully it will be joining me soon LOL

  3. I made it Sherri. Congratulations on the move. I know you will get everything in line soon.

  4. I hope the wonky is all gone. Travel wears me down big time. I have fun and enjoy the trips but whoo. Nothing like being home safe and in familiar territory.

    It would be nice if all the peeps at blogger/google would get it together!

    Now to the more serious side – trout! Twenty eight trout! and all I got out of the deal was the dog ate my dang cookie! Ha! I am telling ya all if I ever get to your part of Texas I am so expecting trout for supper.


  5. Glad to hear that y’all had a great time and made it home safe and sound. Yeppers, it always good to be home. Being away for a while is good, but nothing compares to your own shower and bed!

  6. Congratulations on the move. I hope the wrinkles get ironed out soon and you can relax. Until then, relax anyway.

    • thanks misssrobin… i’m pretty relaxed… just a few moments of frustration when the techie stuff doesn’t work like it’s supposed to …but it’s not the end of the world … hope all is well with you!!

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