Jul 092011

I haven’t written a ding-dang thing in several days. I hate that.

I have been feeling pretty lousy. This heat is really starting to get to me. I have been so good about staying indoors, away from the heat as much as possible. But it heats up pretty good in our little RV so the heat becomes unavoidable at some points in the day.

My head is pounding… not my head so much but my neck… and of course the neck pain leads to a sort of headache… bleh. My hands are knotted up and hurting…. mostly the left hand… this is new for me. I’m accustomed to the tingly feelings, the partial numbness coming and going, but this pain in the hands is something new. I never realized how much pain in the hands can impact each and every activity. And this isn’t the only pain… there is pain in other parts of my body but it’s more tolerable than the hands and neck stuff. Then to top it off, my legs are bouncy once again… at least that symptom can be a fun one when one incorporates a twisted sense of humor….

So…. that has been my time for the past 3 days or so….

Just bleh….

Coach & I hit the swimming pool a few days ago. Man the sun felt good…. I have missed being out and getting a bit of sunshine color on my skin… my theory has always been that tan fat looks much better than white fat ha!

I’m going to try and draw today… I haven’t had much luck in that area with my hands being stupid…. they are still stupid today but I really must try to draw and work around it. I don’t want to think that this new past time is already coming to an end…. logically, I know the pain will go away…. right?… it will go away…

I’m stopping here… I refuse to go to that place of thinking these new things are not going to leave me…. refuse….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I completely understand what you mean when you realize you haven’t written for several days. For me that’s not a good sign. The heat & humidity here sometimes make it impossible for me to just breathe so I stay inside a lot.
    Even though the temperature heat is hard on your body have you thought about heating your hands when they hurt so much. Heating pad, hot water or some of the creams like hot/cold or tiger balm kind of thing. Is the pain caused by inflamation? Ice bag or heat on your necks. Neck pain is really shitsville. It radiates all over.
    Maybe a gentle massage? Jeez, I’m such a Jewish mother.
    xoxoxoxo & bessings to you

    • ah tiger balm… i no longer wear patchouli fragrance because i am constantly slathered up in tiger balm… that stuff is a magical mystical ointment! love it!

      i’ve tried heat and cold on the hands… both just seem to irritate more… the balm helps some on the hands… and on the neck it makes the pain go away for a few hours, then reapply… but as you may know, after about 3 applications of tiger balm, the skin starts to get a bit sore…

      we all need a good jewish mother! the best for remedies…. chicken soup, matzoh balls, etc… my stepfather is jewish and so i had the benefit of his side of the family growing up to pass along words of wisdom when ailing

  2. O I forgot you went swimming. I shall point out that my first few times into the pool left my hands and feet in a state of ouch and my body dragging.

    The muscles I forgot were overused.


    • i didn’t think about the swimming… hmmm… i guess i wouldn’t have related that to my hands but it makes sense now that you mention it… i did a bit of floating and dog paddling to work my arms and that involves a lot of water resistance on the hands… so i can see that now… guess i should swim again and build up a tolerance and get those muscles working again

    • add one more thing to our astral twin-ness – patchouli.
      it has been my favorite since i was about 16. and that is quite a while ago. when i mix my essential oils, no mater what the usage, patchouli always finds its way intot he mix.

  3. Feeling the same here…keep as cool as you can. Maybe when the heat eases so will the pain.

    • i hope you feel better soon…. i’m hoping that everything lets up when the heat goes… of course that will be in October sometime LOL oh well….

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