Feb 032012

this isn’t going to be a fun post… it’s going to be whining and complaining…

so just stop here if you want/need to… i do what i can to remain positive, happy, funny… but some days i’m just not feelin it…

i’m hurting something fierce today… woke up in pain… hate this shit… i’m feeling pretty zoned out as well… like a blob sort of… i managed to drag my ass to work though… sort of my M.O. – trudge through it… that works for me, keeps me positive.. yes wears me down but my mental state is more important to me right now…

bear with me…

maybe i’ll be back later today with something a bit more myself… we’ll see.. if it’s just more of this crap, don’t count on anything new … you don’t want to hear it and i don’t want to be a downer… don’t want to dwell on it… i go with it because i have no choice… i sit with it, accept it, and do what i can to work with it and not against it…i hate bitchin and moanin….

anywho… happy freakin friday

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “just bleh”

  1. Hi Sherri,
    Make MS your bitch today and slap that baby down!
    Seriously, hope you feel better once you get home and have some rest (and wine), not necessarily in that order.

  2. Take it easy, without days like your having today, how would we know we were having a good day!

  3. Give us this day our daily whinge. Sometimes you have to do it. I loved the drawing of how you are feeling. So, so true.

    Hope the pain eases and your day improves.

  4. hope ur day got better! virtual hugs!!!

  5. It must be in the air. I don’t feel bad, but have had a shitty start of my day. When I read your post, it reminded me how I could feel if I was walking in your shoes. Saying a little prayer for you and the demon that lurks in your midst today. Smile gal, tomorrow will be better for us both! hugggsss

  6. Feel better, Sherri!

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