Feb 072012

it’s been a wonky, crazy few days… since Friday i have sent an email to the neuro letting him know what is going on with me… i don’t really care to go in for an exam or an mri or anything… i guess if he wants to see me i’d go… but mostly i just want to keep him up to date and make sure things are documented really good

Yesterday afternoon as I was sitting at a table, I suddenly had a very sharp burning sensation on my right calf just over the calf muscle. Not a cramp but more like someone was branding me… hard to explain. It was very intense for a few minutes but then started to fade away. During the rest of the evening I would have intermittent shocking sensations in the same area but nothing near the intensity of the first time. I went to sleep as usual and was not awakened by the pain at all.

This morning I woke at my usual time. As I was getting up, I found that I have pain in several areas that is new. It has not lessened as the day has gone on. I also have some numb patches in random spots. Overall, I just feel sluggish. I don’t feel sick… just sort of bleh. I know this makes no sense ha!

Here is what I feel today:

  • pain in the left butt cheek but more towards the outer hip area radiating down the outside of my leg, stopping just above the knee and starting again just below the ankle, radiating again along the outside of my left foot and into the little toe. Movement is normal, there are no external signs of anything.
  • pain in upper back between my left shoulder blade and mid-line… a sharp sensation like the tip of a hot ice pick being pushed into my skin, very intermittent
  • right side of my back just above my waist line numbness and tightness, no pain
  • pain in my right wrist on on the top of my arm with some tingling in my fingers
  • a feeling of fullness in very specific locations on my head… very localized… a spot above my right ear, right on the crown of my head, and on my forehead right above the bridge of my nose… i’ve noticed a lot of muscle twitching in my right eye – no vibrations or nastagmus (no changes in vision or pain)
  • and the goosebumps are back like in the beginning… random places for no apparent reason
I hate to think that this is MS related but something tells me it is. My day to day routine hasn’t changed and I haven’t had any unusual stress, at least not anymore than I deal with on a regular basis in my job.

so there it is…. that was on Friday…. Saturday was a bit better but not a lot… the improvement is in the pain… i don’t know that it’s gotten better or if i’ve adjusted yet again to the new levels… i’m pretty good at the mind over matter thing… and it works so much better than the narcotics for me… i’m learning to just live with it….

Sunday was a long day… up and to the store…had to pick up the junk to make chili… coach made the chili of course…. then we went to the in-laws for the superbowl… we took the chili and the SIL had tamales, rice, queso, salsa, etc… yum!

as for the game… whatever… i liked madonna… she’s gettin bagged on pretty good… but hey, she’s in her 50’s and doing more physically than a lot of us… she is beautiful, fit, and has one hell of a voice… kuddos to her

the commercials were eh…

i spent most of the game reading my MS Momentum and reading junk on the internet via my phone…. occasionally i’d look up to check out some man’s arse that was being commented on…

did you see the football game that was on pre-superbowl? coach has decided that’s the path he wants to take in his coaching career…. you go boy…

that shit is the reason that there are so many women out there with bulemia, anorexia, and very low self esteem…. timeless problem

i spent my day yesterday in the ol hometown giving presentations to the jr high tech classes again… i did it once before last september… talking about careers in 9-1-1… what the job is about, training, and listening to some actual calls… the kids like it and generally have loads of questions for me….in the last period of the day they had lots of questions so when the bell rang one of the calls was still playing… about 1/2 the class stayed after school to finish listening…. cool

i ran to the store to pick up a new coffee pot before coming home… ours has a leak… nothing like black coffee all over the counter tops… oozing, seeping… yuck… and after the coffee pot shopping expedition i figured i should grab a bite to eat on the way home… i stopped in to the ol whataburger…. paid with my card… got on the road…

i made it almost back to austin and figured i should stop and get a little go-go juice (especially since that blasted little yellow light came on) (i hate the little yellow light)… i pulled up to the pump… popped the gas cap grabbed my wallet….

no credit card!!! panic…. what the hell did i do with it? i remember the clerk at the drive thru giving back to me… i think… didn’t she give it back to me… sure she did… maybe… wait? do i really remember the card? i remember the receipt… was the card rolled up in it… what the hell happened to my card? i looked all in my bag, my wallet, the floorboard… in between the seats, in the discarded food bag… shit! it has to be back at the whataburger.. 90 miles behind me… shit…. fuckin MS… i never lost track of things before… and i could remember clearly before… now i question… where is my card?

nothing left to do… got back on the road… that damn yellow light glaring brightly at me… a complete slap in the face….

i start praying… please let me make it home… please let me find my card…. i know she gave it back to me…. or did she? coach is at a soccer game… can’t call him if i run outta gas… well i could but it would be hours before he could come….

i pull of the road and check my bank balance…. i hope no one found the card and is using it… i hope the whataburger chick didn’t keep and is racking up the shit on amazon or ebay….

bank balance confirmed, card hasn’t been used…. phew!

okay, so i figure i’ll call the bank and report the card lost as soon as i get home…. it’s now like 8:30 in the pm… it’s dark… i get outta the car and think…. might as well look one more time… i start digging around under my seats, between the seats…. there was an envelope under my seat… i grabbed it and slid it out… as it was sliding… the card… the sacred card peeked out from the opening in the envelope! woot!

what are the odds that the card fell on the floorboard and into an opened envelope under my seat? and what are the odds that i pulled that envelope out and the card moved enough that it slid out of the envelope? slim me thinks…

i think it was the prayin… the panic…

fuckin MS…. the not remembering clearly, causing me to question whether or not she actually gave it back to me… that’s the part that bothered me the most about the whole stupid situation…

so this morning when i leave for work, the little yellow light will still be there waving at me….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “junk that’s happened since friday”

  1. You have to admit that the dread disease is never boring. What can I do to her today? Pain, yes OK but we will move around where she feels it. Numbness, yes that is always good, particularly if she doesn’t realise until she has damaged herself. Brain fade? Oh that one is really good because it makes her panic.
    Hopefully things have settled. Hugs from afar.

  2. Oh good grief girl you had ah heck of ah time!
    Last Friday I had the very same feeling in my right upper thigh pulsating pain WT? It came back a few times since. I have no idea what that is. I seem to track with what you are feeling. But like you I keep moving and doing things.
    There is an opening right now for dispatcher in our little town. I don’t think they would hire me though.
    Hope your week gets better.

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