Jan 152014
  • Brain mush is still with me. I feel as though I’ve been walking through life in a haze… unable to remember things, make good decisions, participate in any type of critical thinking. This has been making work move along at a snail’s pace. I know it will get better. I just wish it would hurry up!
  • Our office is being relocated ….  again. We moved about 4 months ago. We renovated our new space – paint, artwork, new walls, old walls gone, training room built. And now we move again.
  • We went through a great deal of drama last weekend dealing with Conn’s. Thankfully, they ended up making things right so I can continue to feel good about the store. I like Conn’s. What had happened was…. on December 31st Coach & I picked out a couple of recliners. They were to be delivered on January 11th. The morning of the 11th, Coach began pulling out the existing couches to make room for our new chairs. by late morning we hadn’t heard anything from the delivery department so I called. We were on the list. By 5pm still nothing. I called the store. No delivery. Our chairs weren’t pulled from the warehouse. Called the store again… spoke to a different person who agreed with the delivery people. By now it’s 8PM and we have nothing to sit on. We went to the store. I was very calm and nice when speaking with the manager. Turns out one of the chairs we picked out was on backorder. The other chair was sitting in the warehouse. So Coach picked another chair and the manager confirmed it was in stock. I spoke to the warehouse on the phone while standing in the store. They assured me we would have delivery Sunday morning.
  • Sunday morning – 9AM… the phone call came to tell us no delivery. They forgot to pull the chairs from the warehouse and put them on the truck. The warehouse is in San Antonio (4-5 hours away). They would be scheduled for delivery on Tuesday.
  • Not acceptable.
  • Back to the store…this time Coach is handling it and he’s not happy. I talked to him about the value of being nice in negotiations. He spoke with the same manager and remained calm… huge accomplishment!
  • Final outcome? My chair was in the store… they wrapped it and put it on the back of our truck. Coach’s chair was still on backorder. He was shown another chair in the store that was $400 more than the one he originally chose. They gave it to us for the same price… wrapped, loaded, in the truck.
  • We drove home. Unloaded the chairs and have been sitting in them since. I was very relieved the manager made things right.
  • I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone about my mammoboobsquish test. I assume that means things are good. I’ve requested a copy of the report and will pick it up today. I wish they’d call either way and let a person know – all clear/not clear.
  • H.E.B. has a great coffee. It’s Taste of San Antone… wow… good stuff… it’s a blend of flavors – cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla… understated and very good.
  • I haven’t been on my diet since our Christmas trip. I will start again on payday… next week. The neat thing is that I’m still losing weight.
  • I had so many thoughts to put here but alas, it ain’t happenin. The brain is, well….
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I’m glad the seating situation was resolved to your satisfaction. I’m still angry about how an online purchase went wrong around Christmas and the horrendous customer service I received. Very frustrating.

  2. Very glad that you (finally) got your chairs.
    Take care of yourself.

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