Dec 072010

>there’s nothing much to report today. so here go the rambles…..

  • the walking is about the same. 
  • suppose this strut will stay with me til mother nature warms up a bit
  • on the plus side, i think my thigh muscles are getting one hell of a workout!
  • every monday morning i have a meeting with my boss at his office
  • when i arrived at my office…opened the door…oh hell! what is that smell!
  • the entire septic tank had backed up and spilled over into MY office
  • i have pictures
  • i’ll spare you
  • but let me just say…big pieces of shit …. EVERYWHERE
  • and weird… a slice of uneaten, undigested cantaloupe… what the hell?
  • got a picture of that too
  • i feel for the custodian…he was gagging and retching while scraping the dried up stuff with a putty knife
  • the toxic spill must have happened over the weekend…it was all dried and stuck to the floor
  • michael oher got in trouble for tweeting during a game?
  • where the hell did he have a cell phone? in his jock?
  • had open try-outs for the Capital City Spartans sunday….
  • gonna do it again in a few weeks
  • coach is happy…. he’s going to enjoy this gig i think
  • got my handicap plates the other day….haven’t found an empty spot to park in yet ha!

that’s it for now…. maybe something truly funny and twisted will happen today…. if it does, you can be assured i will tell you about it!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “it’s tuesday…”

  1. I just found your blog and I’m a new follower.Your funny, that’s all it takes to be my friend.

  2. Another thank you for not posting pictures. I may have been disappointed because in my mind’s eye the results may have been much worse that it actually was. I would so hate to be disappointed.

  3. Oh…shit – shit. That’s nasty.

  4. ick…how disgusting….thanks for not posting the pics…gross! hope you smell something fresh soon:)

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