Jan 102011


  • it’s freakin’ cold!
  • ok so it’s not as cold as it is 100 miles from here, headed towards waco and such
  • we have no ice or snow on the ground
  • but 38 degrees, overcast, crappy drizzle
  • it’s freakin’ cold!
  • can you tell i am born & raised southern? ha! i’m a pansy
  • i used to LOVE winter…was my favorite season
  • my typical winter wardrobe consisted of hoodie, shorts, flip-flops… yes, even in 38 degrees (or colder)
  • i have been hot-natured my entire life
  • til MS… 
  • so i’m learning how to layer… new concept for me
  • today? layers… layers…layers… i feel like that kid on “A Christmas Story”
  • i’m wearing like 3 layers, if you count my womanly undergarments
  • and coach… well he’s probably in about 3 layers, maybe 4, counting his manly undergarments
  • winter time makes for a butt load of laundry!
  • and when it costs money to do laundry… this sort of sucks
  • we are using at least 2 loads of clothes a day!
  • $1.50 to wash, $1.25 to dry…
  • not to mention dryer sheets to combat the dreaded static cling…
  • adds up
  • stay warm you guys!
  • many of you are MUCH COLDER than i…
  •  January 10, 2011
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