May 262012

#000000;">let me just say…. thank goodness for 3 day weekends that fall 10 days before a major move! ha!

#000000;">today has been pretty much wasted. it’s 7:11 PM and i still haven’t gotten dressed. i woke up around 7:45 this morning and took my first nap around 9:30…. woke up a bit after noon… then took the second nap from 2:30 til freakin 6:30 PM! sheesh.

#000000;">i love google earth…


#000000;">this is the new football stadium… well, it’s new to us but not to the schools of edinburg…purdy. big. and the school is right around the block.

#000000;">we pick up our new tin can in one week… next saturday. i’m so ready! i’m really hoping it has better insulation and AC than this old thing does! it’s not even full on summer yet and it’s hot in here. ugh. everyone has been telling me how it’s so much hotter in the valley… um, not. the average summer high is about 94… i was talking to the owner of the park we are moving to and she was telling me they haven’t had a 100 degree day in about 5 or 6 years. in austin last year, we had some insane number like 60 days over 100 degrees! she was also telling me they get the breeze off the coast and which helps a bit. not to mention there are no big tall buildings covered in reflective glass, and not near as much concrete. all in all, sounds cooler to me….

#000000;">i got to skype with the grand girls this morning. so much fun! they are a riot. sang some songs for me… and it was really good to see them. it’s been a while since we’ve traveled to brenham… we had planned on doing that last weekend… until some asshat stole coach’s credit card number and wiped out our bank account. pretty damned nervy. someone had a shopping spree at a wal mart in oklahoma on us. i hope they bought some cool shit and not just tampons and dog food.

#000000;">so tomorrow i start packing in earnest. packing packing packing… bleh… and hopefully in the next few days i will be able to get rid of the remaining wing dings and wam wams in storage. it will be a huge savings to get rid of that storage unit. 4 years at 110 a month… that’s a butt load of money… could had me a new tablet or something…

#000000;">my ereader is dying a slow death. i’m sad. i LOVE my reader. after i get a job down in the RGV i hope to find a good deal on a new reader.

#000000;">ok, this has been boring… lacking humoristic brilliance …. sorry folks…

#000000;">maybe i need another nap or something ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I am as anxious as you are to get a new “tin can”. Although I don’t approve of you calling it that though. I’ve told you about that before. ;)))) I would love to see pictures. What brand is it and model, etc. so I can look it up on their website. As a former full-timer, I still have a love for RVs and like to see, one way or the other, what otheres have. ;)))

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