Nov 142011
  • but it’s not that bad… actually so far it’s been a decent day
  • i had to make a sign for work…in my office….

  • cute eh?
(the breaker can only handle the draw from one appliance at a time.)
(last weekend, someone came in and used the appliances… then when we returned to work the following week, the fridge was not on… it was hot.. and my food rotten… about $30 down the drain)
  • i printed 2 copies… one is hanging above the fridge and the other is taped on top of the microwave
  • now, keep in mind that i work with mostly those of the  male persuasion
  • i’m not saying most those of the male persuasion can’t read/follow instructions
  • that’s if they notice said instructions
  • but i’m hoping the picture of the cute little pissed off girl will catch their attention
  • another sort of picture of a cute pissed off woman would probably render better compliance
  • but that’s not appropriate for the work place
  • just sayin
  • a music great has gone to play drums for that big band in the sky
  • the Supreme Court has decided to hear the health care case on the grounds that Obamacare is unconstitutional…
  • still working at 102! fabulous!
  • i have a friend who i think is in the process of being hired in one of the   coolest jobs EVER
  • wish i could say more, but she might have to kill me if i do
(love you my other daughter!)
(that will let me know if she actually reads this blog)
(she said she does)
(and kiddo says she does too)
(but they don’t EVER click through from facebook to leave me a comment)
(i may or may not fall outta my chair if that ever happens)
(not too many people i know IRL leave me comments… Dad, Mom2, Lillian – that’s about it)
(k, i’m done with the side bar comments now)
  • i want one of these please….
  • i’ve had my sony e-reader for 3 years now and i’ve more than gotten my $$ worth out of it….  i use it every single day
  • i have begun GIS training… today…
  • i think i’m gonna like it… alot
  • and it makes me more marketable….
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  19 Responses to “it’s a monday”

  1. Stopped by to say thank you for like my fb page. Sorry about the food. I hate wasting food and money. Especially when it’s over something that could easily preventable. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy S II. Supposed upgrade from the BB I had. I’m still on the fence as to if I like it. Love the little pissy girl.

  2. And here in Oz we have universal health care too – it doesn’t quite go far enough, but as Barbara says it is a good thing. When my partner’s bowel ruptured in May, we could call the ambulance and get him operated on without incurring any expense. Can’t really complain about that.
    Love your sign. And the pissy little person.

    • i think that overall, universal healthcare isn’t a bad deal… there are few things i don’t like though… first of all, we have been privately insured forever, and i fear that the transition to universal healthcare is going to be very difficult on many of us. i suspect we will lose doctors and others who currently work in the medical fields… and the little clauses about who can receive treatments and who cannot… someone who is “older” may not be approved for life-saving treatments for say, cancer, because it’s not a good investment… i so don’t think that’s right…

      and then i think about all the money i’ve paid in for insurance all these years with minimal claims… i’ve lost out on some level…. i don’t know, it’s just a scary proposition in many ways… when i consider what’s happened with our social security system and our medicare programs… i don’t know

      • My first reaction and it has stayed fairly consistent to the reforms as the stand was and still is: my quality of care will go down after paying for it for almost 30 years YET someone who as done nothing and I am talking about the freeloaders care will go up. Selfish thoughts I know.

        The other side I think about is all the cuts to the system seem to hurt the disabled and elderly.

        How come they will not let us decide when we have had enough and let us choose to die but they want the elderly to not receive treatments . …

        • i’m with you… it’s not fair that i work, have worked and busted my ass and they are planning to take away yet another benefit… and the fact that the government will get to decide what type of care i will receive, if any…

          and the people that don’t work but who are perfectly capable of it, well, i don’t see that it’s my responsibility to provide their healthcare… we do enough with medicaid and food stamps and every other freakin program…

          my check has dwindled significantly to support those that haven’t figure out how to support themselves… or just too lazy to go out and do so…yet they continue to make more and more babies… drives me crazy!

          i see our care taking a huge dive… huge… i see the quality of my meds going down… i see the quality of my docs going down…

          but the only way i will see that happening is if the government deems me worthy enough to receive the care….

          • I am still privately insured as well – which goes some way to covering the things the government does not.
            I do like the fact that people with the same medical conditions receive the same treatment unless they choose to pay more for private care.
            Prescription medicines are mostly available at a flat rate – with a cheaper rate for welfare recipients AND people who use/need lots of medication.
            If you are a tax payer you pay an additional 1.25% to fund universal health care – which is not a lot.
            I pay several thousand a year for private insurance and get very little benefit from it. However, it is a personal choice.
            It is a tricky area I know, but I really want to not penalise people with disabilities and/or people with mental health issues who often cannot earn enough to pay for private care.

            • when this healthcare plan goes into effect, we won’t have private insurance… if this was a plan that would benefit those who could not work, i wouldn’t have such a problem with it… but we already have medicaid, social security insurance, and many other programs in place… of course they are mostly defunct as the government has spent that money.. the ol’ rob peter to pay paul routine…

              i don’t like the idea that we won’t be able to choose… we won’t have the option to pay more for private care… we will get what the government gives and nothing more…

              it is very tricky indeed… and i do see that we need to have some change to some of these programs… but mostly the government needs to keep their fingers out of the social security and medicare pots… that is money that we have all paid in for our retirement or disability…

              see, years ago, the government was so concerned about the people not being capable of saving money to plan for retirement or disability needs… so they said “hey, we’re going to take part of your money and put it in the’s your money but we’re going to hang on to it for you. when you need it, it will be here….” will bull cocky to that… they spent most of it already…

    Please, I know it’s a little more money, but you won’t regret it dear.

  4. I just love that sign! I’d hate to run into it though – LOL!

    • haha i was so angry when i found all my food spoiled! i do what i can to have food in the office so i’m not eating lunch out… and i know i could pack a lunch each morning… but when i was doing that, invariably i’d pack it all up… then forget it sitting on counter… ugh!

  5. I love the sign! And I want one of those too.

    I have only ever lived in Canada and have had access to Universal Health Care. I think it is great. Why are so many people in the U.S. opposed to it?

    • i think the opposition is because it’s such a HUGE change… and because when coupled with other things this president has done, well it feels like we are losing our country… it’s like he’s pushing us donw a socialist path… frightening

      • Ugh 000 now you have done it bra ha ha you said it first!

        Socialism – bad bad bad.

        • that’s just exactly where we are going… socialist government… if he continues to have his way, it won’t just be healthcare… heck, he’s already got a large finger in the banking pot, as well as transportation… downward spiral… spinning spinning out of control

          • Well I still believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – one that BTW gives me the right to . … oh never mind. If that time comes . …

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