Feb 012011
  • let me start by wishing everyone a happy monday… now that it’s about over ha
  • my day…well it was the usual… work… laundry…. school assignments….
  • the not so usual? filing taxes… yea for refunds!
  • today was payday FINALLY… relief…
  • just a few short days ago, i was bragging talking about how i’ve been feeling pretty alright lately
  • i think i jinxed myself
  • woke up last night with that suicidal jaw pain
  • kept me up for a tad over 2 hours….
  • zanaflex, tramadol, ibupofen, heating pad
  • no relief
  • meditation… mind over matter…. and finally sleep again
  • today my jaw is sore
  • muscles are twitching
  • feels like something is covering the right side of my face and all across my forehead
  • this morning i got dizzy…. broke out in a rapid sweat… thought i was gonna up-chuck
  • but i didn’t
  • my teeth feel like they’re being pulled up out of the bone once again
  • and oh the fatigue… man o man
  • shivering on the inside… not on the outside though… very odd sensation
  • and random muscle twitching ALL OVER MY BODY
  • sheesh
  • holy hell! what is going on?
  • nevermind… i know what’s going on… it’s that little thing called MS
  • hell
  • crap
  • and more expletives… you know them i’m sure
  • i bought a WHOLE CARTON OF SMOKES today!
  • made me a happy girl
  • okay, enough rambling… back to the school assignments… fun shit man
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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