Feb 112012
  • its freakin cold! i guess that’s to be expected since it IS february… but we haven’t had cold so this is a change
  • and the cold isn’t so much my friend right now
  • we have a football game this afternoon…. in the cold- oh and did i mention the wind? lots o wind
  • i’m heading to the store to buy some warm goodies
  • i’ve always loved winter… never had a problem with cold… i was one of those you would see wearing shorts, a sweatshirt, and flip flops when it was 40 degrees outside
  • no longer
  • my hands and feet HURT so badly when it’s cold.. i guess it’s a circulation problem
  • enough complaining
  • things are good… really they are… i’m actually feeling pretty alright all things considered
  • i am a rebel and refuse to give in
  • not sure if that’s the healthy choice when considering the physical aspect… but it sure is necessary on the mental front
  • just keep going
  • just keep going
  • just keep going
  • happy saturday you guys!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “is this texas or antartica?”

  1. I would rather it be 40 out than 115 any day of the week, but I hear what you’re saying. This Winter, more than any other, I just cannot warm up. If I do manage to warm up, then I can’t walk (well, just barely). So, Texas can’t make up it’s mind about the weather. That sucks. Bundle up for those games, then take a warm shower. (Please tell me you have a warm shower.)

    I’m shivering right with you, Sherri.

  2. Minus 22 here tonight, and I am seized up like a rusty old hinge. Never give in!!!!!

  3. It is the best attitude. Without it you just give in. You rock. Have a nice weekend.
    (You are allowed to complain from time to time too)

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