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i’ve been doing really pretty well the last few weeks. the symptoms that had caused me to seek medical advice were beginning to abate somewhat. i mean, they never truly went away…. but they were getting better in a sense. instead of feeling muscle weakness all the time, it was just a few times a day… and the tingly numb feet & hands was not constant… my speech was getting a bit better…my jaw was feeling no pain….


the past few days – probably starting on wednesday – i’ve been feeling it again. tiredness…doing the spoon count again. walking like a strutting peacock… or more like a chicken really ha! my speech is halting/stammering once again… and i’m so tired – oh wait, i said that already. the bottoms of my feet are tingling all the time once again. my arms feel like they are filled with lead… ugh. i even had to use my cane last night…first time in about 3 weeks.

the one thing i have noticed is that this all started with jaw pain…like the first time.

i don’t know if i’m having another relapse… i don’t know if it’s called a relapse only if it lasts for so many days…. i just don’t know much at all…except what i’m feeling….

i am really hoping this isn’t a real relapse (although i think it is)… i am really hoping that i get more time between relapses than 3 weeks…

i’m not complaining…. i’m happy, i’m good. i’m just writing…just documenting…just sharing what’s going on…

i search for the common denominators from day to day…. i spend time analyzing what i know and trying to figure out some pattern in my stuff…. i don’t know if that’s even possible to do…. but i try… it entertains me ha!

on another note… dad had double bypass surgery yesterday. he’s doing very well. thank you God. he was to be moved out of ICU this afternoon… i even got to talk to him on the phone for a minute or two this morning. i love that man… and i’m glad God saw fit to leave him here a bit longer… i’m not quite done with him yet! love you dad!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I hear there are people who just live their lives. They go day to day never thinking about their health or how they will get through the day and face the next one. I don’t understand those people.

    Trying to figure out what’s wrong and how to manage it is such a part of my life. Trying to stretch my spoons and deal with people who try to steal them. Ugh.

    Good job on the documenting. I hope you can start to see patterns or possible management techniques that will help.

    I like the new blog design.

    • i don’t understand those folks either… i have to think about it, analyze it, figure it out…that’s who i am in all aspects of my life. and i’d be afraid to not think about it… if i just let it go it might get the best of me.

      the dreaded spoon stealers! i have those in my life…they are all around me… i have been trying to educate them but not much luck so far ha

      isn’t the blog cuter? it has taken me so long to find something that is “me” lol i really like it now… much better!!

  2. Sherri, I sure hope those relapses become far and few between for you! I have a friend/accquaintance who has MS and used to have severe mobility issues and a great deal of pain as a result of it. She started using a product called Juice Plus, and is a totally new person. I know everyone is different… but, if that or something else can work for you like it did for my friend Beth… I hope and pray that you will firnd it. In my prayers…
    PS Is the tingling due to lack of circulation? If so, perhaps exercise and /or body massages would help. I know nothing about MS. I so wish I could help!

    • the tingling/numbness is caused by nerve damage…. unfortunately. so far my circulation seems to be okay. i do know that exercise is supposed to be beneficial, although i’m a bit limited in what i can do. i have been walking when i can…. i’m willing to try just about anything to see what works to make me feel better! i will look into the Juice Plus definitely! thanks for the info!!

  3. Life with a disease(s) is like a roller coaster – up and down. Sometimes the downs are steep and fast which makes the corresponding ups slow and long. But, you never know what the top of that up will give you – a breathtaking view (relief). From there it may be rolling hills for a while. You’re doing good girl, just hang in there.

    • i must say that each day seems to be a new adventure ha! coach told me today that life with me will always be interesting and unpredictable… that is a good thing!

  4. Hi Sherri,

    Good to hear your dad is doing okay.
    You could be experiencing a pseudo flare, which can be caused by many things, infection, heat and stress being at the top of the list. As soon as the problem causing the flare is over, the pseudo flare will end.
    And unlike a real flare no central nervous system damage is taking place.
    Could be from the stress of your LP or your dad being ill.
    Take care of yourself.

    • it is such a joy to hear from you… i always learn something. i had not heard of pseudo flares before… and it actually sounds quite promising!

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