Jul 142010

as i was reading blogs tonight, i came across a post at temporary insanity. she was talking about wanting things. as i was commenting on her post, i thought to myself  “i should post this on my blog”…so here it is:

i want world peace… (okay just kidding, sort of)
i think that wanting things is human nature. although i know deep in my soul that things are just things, they can’t make us happy and they don’t last. any emotion they evoke in us is fleeting. as soon as we have what we want, well, the satisfaction goes away….
that being said…i want an ipad, i want a blackberry, i want my own little bat-cave to work on computers and programming stuff, i want a new dig camera….ha
such is life….

tonight was a very busy one for me. to begin with, i got off work late. and i had such big plans! there were groceries to buy, journals to make (creative circle journal), dinner to fix (and eat), and homework to do…i got most of the things accomplished – or at least a good start on them. oh and we had to go feed the horse too (30 mile round trip, oh my!)

i was struck by beauty in the grocery store tonight. i am not a shopper – i hate the store. because of this, i don’t really take notice of many things. my m.o. is to get in, find my intended stuff, pay and get out! get out fast! anyhow, for some reason tonight, i was much more aware (probably because of my journal theme (now)) (notice the parentheses inside the parentheses ha)


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