Feb 142012

#000000;">some of the spam i seem to attract is rather interesting….for example:




#000000;">i’m not sure how these particular pervs find me… or why they choose to attempt this crap… but i have to admit that each time i click on that little thingy that says spam 6  i sort of chuckle a bit…

#000000;">i was thinking tonight … (scary i know)

#000000;">i’m sure ready to reach that point in life where my pregnancy alert system is disabled…. i mean, really… does that junk still need to work? i think there needs to be a switch that allows us to disable those systems when we no longer require their use….makes perfect sense to me…

#000000;">i was speaking with a someone at work today… i walked into his office and said “happy valentine’s day” with a smile on my face…. he sort of “ughed” in my general direction… i mentioned that i was just spreading the cheer…. lol he let me know that his girlfriend picked today of all days to start a fight…. so during our little meeting they are text arguing… (she lives in another city…) and by the time our meeting was over she was sending the apology text… his reply?

#000000;"> “she won the boyfriend lotto and she knows it” hahaha …. greatness!

#000000;">coach and i went to dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurants… a mexican food joint… and normally we have really good food with really good service there…. um, tonight? not so much…. it was busy, but not busier than a normal night… took our waitress (if we could actually call her that) more than 20 minutes to bring us our drinks… then at least another 20 to come back and get our order…. people were coming and going all around us… folks who ordered after us where paying their bills… when FINALLY our food is served….. luke warm… hell, worse than that… my dinner was room temperature….

#000000;">now, i thought of complaining… sending it back to be zapped… but that would’ve taken another 20 minutes at a minimum and i just didn’t have the patience for that

#000000;">i love my valentine….

#000000;">i love him infinity

#000000;">he completes me… i know, cliche

#000000;">he helps me and cares for me

#000000;">he listens to me

#000000;">he seems to be proud of me and value my thoughts, ideas, and opinions (that’s a huge thing)

#000000;">i am the#000000;"> queen of his 5th wheel ha!

#000000;">and i come in a really close 2nd to football….

#000000;">for you studmuffin… you rock my world 🙂

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I suspect your waitress (let’s give her the title she doesn’t deserve) was having a hissy fit at working on Valentine’s Day. Or a hissy fit because no-one had given her roses/chocolates/mushy cards. Then she saw you and Coach obviously so much in love and her hissy fit moved into overdrive.

    PS: I would really, really like it if you could get the receive follow up comments on this post button. I love your other commentors but at the moment I have to keep remembering to come back and my MS mind really isn’t up to that.

  2. Strange thing but I was just thinking (not 1o minutes ago) how nice it would be not to have periods any more. I had my Fallopian tubes taken out in January and there is no way I want more kids so let’s just be done with it.

    Did you tip? I won’t go out to eat if I can’t tip but if I get crap service I don’t tip at all. I make up for it by over-tipping servers who do a great job. Great service can easily get 20% but I have gone as high as 40%.

    Your spam is better than my spam. All I ever get is from SexxyChick asking if I want to chat for a few minutes. Or worse and far more disgusting is medication for men promising all sorts of promises. Well, ONE promise. ewww

    I am so glad you have Coach.

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