Aug 302010

I originally posted this several months ago but I sometimes have to remind myself of the big stuff:

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Funny how life rocks along smoothly for a period of time, then all of the sudden, things aren’t so stable. Things start to change. Logically, I know this. All my studies have taught me the greatest lesson in life….the lesson of¬†impermanence. Nothing is permanent, everything changes. Everything. There is not one thing that does not change. Situations, relationships, people, animals, inanimate objects…everything. Always changing. And because I know this just as sure as I know I am sitting here, you would think that I would not be so affected by change. But I am, as are we all. I guess it is something that I need to work on. My reaction to change, that is. Loss, death, decay, additions, movements…all forms of change.

Now when you read this you might suppose that something bad has happened. In fact, it has not. Something good is happening. And it is change. And in order to get to that moment of change, lots of other things have to happen. That’s where most of my reactions come in to play I think. Those other things that have to happen have the greatest impact on me. The change itself is nice but expected. The things in between now and change are the ones that are sometimes unexpected, or stressful.

After all this rambling, what I am trying to say is that it is so important for us all to remember that lesson of impermanence. Nothing ever remains the same, so don’t expect that it will. Knowing this will lessen suffering and we will be happier for that. We will be able to more easily celebrate change because it is to be expected.

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