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well since my mind seems to remain blocked… i saw a meme thing that i think i can answer with some humor. i saw it first over at a wonderful blog – what would jen do

so anyhow, here it goes…. pray for the roto rooter man to come unclog me soon ( my mind, not my butt)

1.  Do you have any pets, or do you want any?  (Of course I love hearing pet names!)
we have a dog named beulah… and a horse named pistol – although that’s not his real name… it’s something like .357 magnum..crazy. why do we name our animals one thing and then call them something else? i mean, really… they have limited capacity to remember things…don’t you think giving them 2 or more names confuses them a bit?

2.  Are you a collector of any kind, what do you collect?
  i collect dust bunnies. i have what is most likely the biggest and most highly rated collection of bunnies… my collection contains bunnies of all shapes and sizes… and they are scattered throughout my house. at least they don’t take up wall space so i have room to hang pictures plaques awards and trophy stuff

3.  What would be your ideal place to get proposed to at…or where and how did your hubby propose to you????

i don’t think i will get proposed to anymore, ever again. i think coach and i will continue to live in sin for the rest of my days…. lucky for me texas recognizes common law stuff or i’d be screwed! my previous morons didn’t really propose…it was more like “hey let’s get married”… nothing special or memorable really.

What is another word for “thesaurus”?

  one sec… need to check my thesaurus….
okay… thesaurus is not listed in the thesaurus… what the hell is up with that???? ok so checking with the on-line thesaurus i found a few….
glossary, language reference book, lexicon, onomasticon, reference book, sourcebook, storehouse of words, terminology, treasury of words, vocabulary, word list… k, i feel better now!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “>i’m still blocked… so whatcha say wednesday it is”

  1. Well, I do think one name is probably better, but didn’t keep me from naming my beautiful white standard poodle, “Oscar Noodles the Poodles”!! Of course I don’t call him all that, just Oscar, or Osky. One of my previous dogs that I named my jewelry company after, the Max of Toby and Max, he was the best and cutest black Scotty, his name was Maximillan Elivs MacTavish!!!! I called him Elivs, but Toby and Elvis didn’t sound right, so I used the Max. I love giving my pets cute and clever names. I think most people do. xoSandy

    • my beloved maggie mae (dog) had many names too.. she was magpie, maggie, black dog, girl dog… gosh i miss her so! she died back in march… she was my best friend… my companion… a fur person really – not so much a dog…

      before maggie i’ve had a katie, daisy, jessie, dillinger, ginger ale, cleopatra… and now we have beulah…she’s really only got one name.. just beulah ha

  2. Loved your answers, LOL!

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