Dec 102010

i spend time listening to talk radio… i think i mentioned that before… i’m one of “those” people….
a few years ago i would’ve never thought i’d be listening to talk…. but you know, i really like it! in my Soul i have satellite radio and spend most of my listening time on Patriot radio – andrew wilkow, sean hannity,  mark levin, mike church – these guys area a riot and they have good stuff to say generally. mark levin gets SO WOUND UP!

if you don’t already know, the above mentioned guys are conservative…so if you’re a liberal, don’t go jumping over there to see about them…i’m trying to start any controversy here ha!

while at work, i have no satellite radio…boo! i have a plain jane AM/FM radio…. it’s an unmarked police car that the cops don’t drive anymore so they it gave to emergency management…kind of them to do so….

i do quite a bit of driving at work so i listen to KLBJ…. local austin talk radio…. and it’s pretty good… some of the guys are a hoot! in the morning there are these two guys… one’s an ex-cop and pretty conservative, his partner is pretty liberal – but neither one of them are extremist – and they get into it on some mornings! boy do they! the news guy eggs them on too! he’ll read a story and then ask the other two for what they think…. gives a new spin to listening to the local news…

in the afternoons we get a dose of rush limbaugh – now i know many many people don’t like rush, but i kinda do… he’s so funny! while i agree with some of what he says, some of it is a bit over the top for me. so much of what he says i find humorous…. he’s sarcastic (say it’s not so!)… and entertaining!

for my drive home i get a guy named jeff ward…. he too is pretty funny. some of the stuff he says to his callers! ha! love it!

so i guess you can tell i’m pretty conservative…. i am. but i have a tinge of liberal in me too. i’m a fence sitter… damn fenceposts are a tad uncomfortable ha!

i’m not big into politics….never have been… i think most politicians are boobs. they don’t really know what’s going on… and nothing they do impacts them so they just go with it… if they had to live by the laws and rules they set things would surely be much different.

when i was younger i fancied myself a liberal but i didn’t really know politically what that meant. as i’ve gotten older and begun to pay more attention, i find that i’m more a conservative… less government… more personal responsibility… we have got to be more responsible for ourselves and stop relying on big brother to help us out!

there will be times in our lives when we need some help. i’m most likely facing that with disability benefits. but …. there are people out there who live on the ways of big brother… why go get a job when big brother will continue to provide? food… money… housing…. medical…you name it! now i realize there are people out there who truly cannot work, they cannot make their way in the world on their own, and some have no family to help them. for these people, i’m ok with big brother stepping in to offer aid. but that larger other group…get your ass up, get dressed, GET A JOB!

there are jobs out there…it may not be in your area of expertise…it may not be what you like or want to do for ever…it may not be the top paying job that your used to…. but holy hell! go flip some burgers or something! it’s the holiday season… there are TONS of seasonal jobs out there! get one of them!!!

i need my benefits and these people are using them up! by the time i need SSI and SSD, there will be no money left…. this is truly scaring me!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “i’m not political but….”

  1. >congrats to your son! the job market absolutely stinks and it is a wonderous thing when a job can be found….

  2. >he really is something…very entertaining! and you are so right… he says it all out loud…you have a good weekend as well!

  3. >ha mark! i'm definitely leanin to your side of the fence…. and you make a good point. it would be absolutely the best thing if communities, churches, families all took care of their own. but it seems in this day and age, people have gotten so selfish…community is almost non-existent and families are spread across the world instead of living closer together… what i do know is that the money i have paid into the "system" all these years is my money… and as the time gets closer for me to need/access/use that money, well, i have a great fear that it will no longer be there…either it gets used for some stupid bail-out, or other people sitting on their arse taking handouts….

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