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#000000;">i have always been called “weirdo” or “freak”…. for as long as i can remember….

#000000;">as a child into my middle school years this really bothered me…i felt an outcast…and i guess i was…even to my family…



#000000;">#000000;">black sheep

i am a proud weirdo












#000000;">then something changed… around my sophomore or junior year i realized that i just didn’t care… i enjoyed alone time, i’m not a joiner to this day…

#000000;">as an adult i struggled for many years once again with this… then finally in my mid 30’s i began to realize that “normal” people were envious of me in some way… so be it… and then i started meeting people who were “intrigued” or fascinated by me…



fascination painting



#000000;">of course they would be around until that fascination dwindled…until they thought they had me “figured out”… then they disappeared… whatever…










#000000;">there haven’t been many in my life that i would consider #000000;">friends… only those who wanted to figure me out… and just when they think they knew me… they were gone…. 

#000000;">i sort of enjoy it when people think they know me…. i had someone just the other day say “oh i know you… i know what kind of person you are… i know how you think”… um, no … you don’t… you know what i want you to know… this was a co-worker… 

#000000;">i know how to be “normal” at work… i know how to play the “normal” game… i know how to blend in and do what others expect of me…. and generally i can get away with just being quiet, conservative, reserved…. and that is acceptable… and they think they know me….

#000000;">ok then…. others can think what they are comfortable thinking…. doesn’t bother me anymore… finally… i’ve grown into my uniqueness…. even if i don’t think i’m all that unique…. 


#000000;">i am me… i don’t think i’m all that different…coach thinks i am… my family thinks i am…or at least that’s the impression i have…. but they have learned to accept me for who i am and have finally stopped trying to change me…  i have asked others to tell me why i’m different.. why they think i’m different… give me an example… none have or can… so i don’t get it… 


#000000;">i’m me


#000000;">#000000;">me... only me...

me... only me...

i am me… nothing more, nothing less….


a proud weirdo freak

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  17 Responses to “i’m a weirdo freak”

  1. Sherri, you are this weirdo freak’s favorite weirdo freak.
    ((( hugs )))

    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones
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  2. Ha ha you are one of my favorite weirdo freaks – and do we ever really know someone else? I mean really know them? Umm ….

    Tell Coach I really do have a phone pic I snapped just for him I will give it a go later on today.

  3. Sherri…
    nice to know there are others out there! Have a great weekend.

  4. Well, that’s what we have in common, then! We’re both different!!!

    Many years ago, I went to a party where beer was being consumed in dubious quantity, and one guy was eavesdropping on a conversation I was having with my best friend (the hostess), and he broke in and said to my face “You’re different.” [and because this was a standing joke my friend and I had with each other] I replied, “Thanks, and you’re the Same.” Then he got all huffy, “What do you mean, I’m the same?” “I mean that if I am different, you must be the same.”

    Of course I meant the same as all the rest – but he didn’t get that. And he thought I was insulting him. LOL

    • i don’t drink either… only once in my life did i truly drink and that was enough of a lesson to me hahaha and the reactions i get from others when offered an adult sparkling beverage followed by my decline of said drink… well, it’s usually one of disbelief or they run to the other side of the room… i’ve noticed that drinkers don’t typically want to be around non-drinkers…. eh who cares lol

  5. okay astral twin freak, i am glad you are not like those “normals”. that’s why we connect so well. i will never figure out how to join in. but now i’m glad i’m a freak and people think i’m different (not in a good way because it’s always been hard or impossible to fit in.) but they are usually nice to me anyway. so we are in our own little weirdo world. that’s fine with me. anyway, nowadays, people move too fast for me. camerman calls me pokey lately. thats his newest endearing term for me – “come one pokey”.

    • they all move to fast for me too… i have no desire to keep up with the rest of the world… they just don’t know how much life they are missing ha

      i tried fitting in once…my freshman year of high school… very bad experience involving alcohol and sexual advances that cause me to walk home about 13 miles at night… ugh

      i never tried fitting in again after that

  6. Solitude is an essential. Yup, I guess I could join the weirdo freak category more easily than the ‘normal’ category. Jealous of your ability to roll your tongue though.

    • oh i must have my sanctuary in this world… my home..quiet… alone time, down time, time to process what’s going on in the universe…

      ahh the tongue roll!
      i can roll it upside down too…. lol looks pretty dumb

  7. Well, I just thought that’s how all Texans were. Kidding!
    I am definitelely a space oddity myself. I don’t want to be normal. What would I write about? I would, however, like being more functional. My perfectionism gets me a lot.
    Just loved this post! I’m glad I’m in good company

    • i get clogged up by perfectionism too… i put way to much pressure on myself much of the time… and then somehow at the end of the day i find a way to release it all and just flow…. i don’t know how that works but somehow it happens for me…. most days ha

      and i’m glad that you are in the same company as well…. except for the perfectionism part… i have no desire to be “normal” either 🙂

  8. Yep, I recognized ya! I have been a weirdo freak all my life. I figured this out early, when I was about 6. I never did try to fit in, my family didn’t try to change me. I have few friends, and the ones I have are either weirdo freaks or are freak weirdos. I am happy, my family is happy…just a bunch of weirdos I guess. People tell me all the time how am I am weird and different…I think they are the freaks!

    • see? i think they are all the freaks too! i think we have it right and are getting the most this world has to offer… the “normal ones” are missing out…. shame on them ha

  9. My favorite weirdo freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good post, good for you, absofreakinglutely good for you!!!

    I don’t claim to know you, but I sure as hell recognize a lot of the things I see mirrored back to me 😉

    I’m liking the positive tones of this post, woman. Bravo.

    • you are one of the few that i think recognize and welcome us weirdo’s…. you don’t tuck tail and run…. i am so happy for that!! you are a true angel and friend

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