Oct 202011

i think i mentioned somewhere to someone (or maybe not) that i am going to make my own holiday cards this year… and maybe if all goes well, maybe i can do them in bulk next season, with various designs…

so anyway, i came across some scraps of paper throughout the day today and started playing around a bit with some ideas… i haven’t put anything together really but just sort of drawing on a whim to see what i can come up with… some of these i think i like and others not so much… of course, they all need more work and some concentration… these were done quickly in a stressful environment – well between radio transmissions and phone calls ha (don’t tell… but almost all dispatchers have something they do between those moments of chaos)

i need some feedback… as scary as that is for me… some honest feedback… is there the beginnings of anything here that anyone likes? don’t say junk just to be nice… i’ve put on my big girl panties… i can take it 🙂

naturally, i will do festive colors and cleaner work… these are very rough ideas….

on another note….

i have an aunt up north who is one hell of an artist.. i have ALWAYS admired her work… i received a card in the mail from her a few days ago… the note inside let me know that this is a spirit bear… he brings strength to the spirit… way cool!

design by Ellen Stakes, Harrisville, RI

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  1. Always asking for the critic! Ok, I agree with Karen but realize also just rough ideas. The only one I right off first glance that bugs me ifs the splitting of the word Christmas.

    I like the four trees and the ornament just not the placement.

  2. I could have sworn I left a comment about that beautiful spirit bear. could it have been on FB? The cards are lovely and the trees dance happy. But where are some of your extraordinary tangles? Does your aunt have a webpage?

  3. I like the Merry Christmas andPeace card!!

  4. Some good beginnings there Sherri, but…you asked, so…the balance and composition are a bit off. You need to establish a focal point on the card that will immediately draw the eye to that point. That focal point can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

    Love your aun’t card!


    • thanks karen!

      i haven’t even begun thinking about composition yet… i have some ideas in my head but haven’t put pen to paper on comp yet… i’m so worried about the lettering that i’m hung up on that hahaha

      hopefully saturday i will get some actual designs down

      your feedback is great and invaluable to me!! thank you again!

  5. I love love love the trees!! Especially the one in the second thingie, adorable!!!!!!! And the bear is way cool too. Lifted my spirit just looking at him 🙂

    • oh i love the bear too! i wish i had more samples of her work… she is incredible… she does a lot of ceramic tiles on commission … i think i remember her doing the tiles in the governor’s mansion…

      which trees? the ones with curly ques at the bottoms or the one with curly ques inside?

  6. That spirit bear is just glorious. Quite seriously, is there somewhere/somehow a person in Oz can purchase your aunt’s blissful work?
    Of your doodles, I think I like the balance in the third one the best. And envy your talent, which is obviously a family trait.

    • i sure wish i had one inth the talent of my aunt… she is incredible. i have searched looking for a website for my aunt but haven’t found one. i’m going to write to her and ask her about buying her artwork… i know she does a lot of craft shows and commission work for companies, etc….

      thank you for your comment… i like the third one too… i haven’t decided on a layout yet but am still working on figuring out the components of a design…. bleh lol

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