Feb 122012

as i sit here this cold arse morning, enjoying the pseudo warmth of the tin can, i realize that life is pretty darn good… it truly is. i’m a lucky girl….

coach went shopping this morning, running a few errands…. and he came home with my valentine’s present…. good thing i gave him shit about the importance of being a husband and giving gifts 🙂 it paid off nicely…. i was presented with pearls… one of my favorites…. earrings, bracelet and necklace…. good job coach!

guess now i have to go buy him something lol

there is ice falling from the sky right now… um, hello? wasn’t it just like 76 degrees? and isn’t it going to be 70 tomorrow? this crazy arse texas weather allows no time for adjustment at all…. just when i start getting used to the heat, i am given freezing temps… oh well

we had our 2nd football game of the semi pro season yesterday… bless their hearts… we lost 12-28… i took enough pictures to fill a finely bound coffee table book… way to many to post them here and many of you most likely don’t give a shit LOL

mri’s are scheduled… february 28th… thoracic and lumbar… lucky me

oh…. fun stuff…. i got a phone call day from an advocate for MS… she is just getting started and she has some great ideas and wonderful plans in place… right now she’s on facebook but will have a website soon…. she was so kind and fun to visit with… the name of her organization is MS UpClose… the idea is to have a forum for patients and physicians to talk, interact… honestly… she is requesting those living with MS to submit short videos…. she is going working on a project where they are going to spend 12 hours with someone living with MS and video it… she has great ideas…. if you are so inclined, it would be great to visit her site… i’m going to throw my support her way… i think she’s on the right track here….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Echoing Barbara with one addition. Where are our photos of your Valentine’s Day present? Hmm?

  2. Pearls! How very nice.

    Please keep us posted on the MRI. xo

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