Jun 012012

i think i am dying


ok, not really

but shit this heat is a booger… my whole body hurts and it’s not working right… nothing is working right. not one single thing… every department has gone on strike and left things in complete chaos!

one more week of this crap and then hopefully all personnel will return to work…

stress, heat, aggravation, worry, manual labor…. all things lead to a bad road… and when all things are combined, well, that makes for a hell of a journey…

i know this will pass. i know it will calm down and i’ll get back to a more manageable level… so long as i don’t trigger a flare up… ugh

we pick up the new tin can in the morning… this is a good thing. lots of work but a good thing. then we have sunday basically off to try out the equipment in the tin can looking for any glitches or hinky stuff that might need to be checked out

monday is a travel day…doctor day… packing up the remains of the storage unit day

tuesday is an organize and regroup day

then wednesday…. ugh… the real journey begins…

ok, i’m done bitching and moaning now. i’m going to bed… up at the butt crack of dawn kicking that rooster’s ass! gotta get an early jump on things… few more odds and ends to pack up and secure then we’re off!

and i’m jobless…. unemployed… slacker… leeching off whatever i can…. fun

the upside? ashley and the grandgirls are coming over tomorrow afternoon! yay! that makes me smile 🙂


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “i think i’m dying”

  1. Ok, now yah know you are not dying . Well you better not. Seriously, take care. Delegate . Hot here and it sucks and make everything worse so gotta be bad with all the stress and exertion you are having.

  2. Sherri, I don’t know how you do it all!! I’m exhausted just reading this. Pleeeeease don’t get sick!! Hope the new home is all you expected!

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