Jan 222011

>i’ve mentioned here a few times about school… i’m doing classes on line… this term, one of classes is called “Culture: Religion and Identity”… 

this week’s project involves asking questions of various people about faith, religion, etc…. so what i’m asking is if any of you would be interested in participating in my little survey… 

below i’ve asked a few questions… if you are so inclined (and i hope some of you will be)…. answer the questions- you can post them in a comment or you can email them to me… coachswoman@gmail.com …. 

it would be such a huge help to me! and i would love to know the responses and thoughts… so okay, here we go… here are the few questions (elaborate as much or as little as you would like) (and you can add more than the questions here if you want)

  1. Tell me about a religious experience you have had that made you who you are today.
  2. Could you tell me a story or two that might attempt to describe your understanding of an Ultimate Reality or a higher power?
  3. What might you tell other people about your religious or spiritual experience that is most important to know?
  4. Are your beliefs the same now as when you were a child? Or have you changed as you have matured?
  5. Explain a ritual of your faith that is important to you, signifies the core of your religion.
  6. Describe a symbol of your faith and what it means.

thank you thank you thank you to any and all who answer and help me out! when i’ve completed my project, i will post it here… i will not use names… i will honor the anonymous world that the internet provides us….

  •  January 22, 2011
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