Oct 292011

yep! i walked the entire 5k.. not the short route which was 1k.. i did the whole 5k with no help AND i only had to stop to rest twice… not too shabby… it was fun… 4 of my teammates came via planned parenthood – they taught sex ed this past semester in coach’s health class… when he mentioned to them about this walk, they signed right up! way cool…

and of course coach was there… and we coach’s brother & nephew came too! so my little team totaled 8 people… and as a team we have raised $535.00 so far… i say so far because donations remain open for 30 days… my personal goal of $350.00 was exceeded but i think i already mentioned that….i ended up with $395.00 raised…. so i got the free shirt.. and a special shirt for people who have MS that walked…

after we got done on the route there was a small expo set up… free backpacks, pens, information, brochures, notepads, and etc… a man approached me carrying a box of Round Rock Donuts (which apparently are the shit in the donut world)… i didn’t immediately recognize the man… he spoke to me… it was my neurologist! too funny! he didn’t have his little round glasses or white coat on ha! his ENTIRE office staff was at the table giving away those cool sling backpacks… now what really amazes me here is that doc’s practice is huge  he and his staff immediately recognize me… that leaves a huge impression on me… as i was walking past the staff table (because i didn’t realize it was them) i saw the nurse waving and yelling out “hey, that’s one of ours right there!” haha greatness!

there was live music provided… two bands… one at the start of the walk and one afterwards… now the band at the start of the walk played for the 1 1/2 between registration and the start of the walk… the played showtunes LOL at 9AM we were listening to theme songs from Gilligan’s Island, Brady Bunch, WKRP Cincinnati, The Jeffersons, The Love Boat, Secret Agent Man, Sponge Bob Squarepants, I Dream of Jeannie, and on and on … hilarious! as we crossed the starting line they began playing the theme from Pulp Fiction … one of my all time favorite movies!   the band after the walk was a cover band… Mustang Sally ( i just love the commitments too… man, they are good), that Jenny song – you now – 8675309… good times!

here are some photos… i didn’t get many but at least i managed a few 🙂


the walk was held at the Dell Diamond, which is the baseball stadium for the Round Rock Express team


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Lula Belle’s vibrator stopped working, so she and her best pal, Mindy, thought they’d get all liquored up and throw BOB (battery operated boyfriend) out the window speeding down the highway.

  2. 4 manly IPad cases, how to make better eggs. It’s bookmarked, I’m getting on with life now. Wheeeeeewwww, I wouldnt have made another day without that info. Thanks dear!

    • i thought of you when i found that website of manliness lol i think i spent the most time time there looking at the old advertisements for manly products … some real winners there! you should go check out the treatments for prostate treatments – hilarious!

  3. I am so proud of you and so happy that you achieved the whole 5 kilometres I have tears running down my face. If I short out this keyboard it is your fault.
    And I loved the photos.
    And my neurologist recognises me outside his office too? A special skill taught at neurologist school?
    I, on the other hand don’t recognise fellow swimmers away from the pool and say dumb things like ‘I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on’.

    • Oh my friend!! Please don’t short out your keyboard! I cried a little yesterday when i saw the finish line up in front of me… and I knew i was going to make it… I really had my doubts… well, okay, I knew i would make it but i figured after the first couple hundred yards my teammates would have to help me… whew!

      It’s just amazing to me that our doc’s remember us… I have decided it’s because I’m such an unforgettable unique individual hahaha sounds good anyway!

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