Oct 262011


  • hot chicks of occupy wall street? really?
  • something that could maybe potentially be the beginning of citizens taking control once again is now being turned in to one more male marketing, sexual connotation laden piece of crap
  • i don’t claim to know anything about the issues of the occupy protests
  • what i do know is that “we the people” need to start speaking up in some way to fix what is happening to our country
  • and occupy may or may not have the right topic, i don’t know
  • but it could be the beginning of people remembering that we are allowed to protest, and that en masse “we the people” can affect change in our government and country


  • catholic university of america is being accused of #comment-235" target="_blank">discriminating against muslims
  • apparently the catholic university is not providing a space for muslims to pray
  • they have to use empty classrooms – and this is bothersome because the catholics have hung or otherwise displayed all sorts of catholic wing-dings and wam-wams in the catholic classrooms
  • when you read the information about CUA, this is what you find:                                    “… Catholic University is the only American university with ecclesiastical faculties granting canonical degrees in three disciplines.”
  • seems to me that it’s pretty obvious that this university is geared towards catholic studies… but that’s just me
  • oh, and one part of the mission statement of the school is this:                                “As the national university of the Catholic Church in the United States, founded and sponsored by the bishops of the country with the approval of the Holy See, The Catholic University of America is committed to being a comprehensive Catholic and American institution of higher learning, faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ as handed on by the Church. Dedicated to advancing the dialogue between faith and reason, The Catholic University of America seeks to discover and impart the truth through excellence in teaching and research, all in service to the Church, the nation and the world.”
  • and now discrimination is being brought forward….
  • “… the University is denying Muslim students the same benefits that students of other religions are able to enjoy since there is no formal Muslim association sponsored by Catholic University but the Columbus School of Law has an association for Jewish students”
  • the columbus school of law has many programs… i took a gander and it appears to me that the arab-american  students are represented… isn’t this where muslims would fit in? i might be wrong… i don’t know… but if not, then why don’t the muslims attending the law school (which is part of the catholic university) get together and form a group? instead of filing a discrimination suit against them?
Advocates for Life
ABA, Law Student Division
Alternative Dispute Resolution Society
American Constitution Society
American Society of International Law
Student Chapter
#0000ff;">Arab-American Law Students Association
#0000ff;">Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association
#0000ff;">Black Law Students Association
California Alumni Student Association
Communications Law Students Association
Delta Theta Phi
Democratic Law Students Association
Entertainment Law Society
Environmental Law Society
Evening Law Students Association
The Federalist Society
Graduate Students Association
Health Law Society
Innocence Project of the National Capital Region
Intellectual Property Law Students
#0000ff;">Irish American Law Students Association
#0000ff;">Jewish Law Students Association
Law and University Student Society
#0000ff;">Latin American Law Students Association
Military and National Security Law
Students Association
Phi Alpha Delta
Pope John Paul II Guild of Catholic Lawyers
Republican National Law Student Association
Securities Law Students Association
Sports Law Society
Student Bar Association
Students for Public Interest Law
Women’s Law Caucus
  • if i were say, oh i don’t know, baptist or methodist, episcopalian, presbytarian, muslim, jewish… i might reconsider my desire to attend a catholic university
  • or if i did decide to attend a catholic university, i would go into that experience with the knowledge that most likely events, activities, teachings, morals, guidelines, policies, housing, rituals, prayer services, and the display of wing-dings and wam-wams would be of the catholic persuasion – and i might just have to deal with that

k, i’m off my soap-box now and i have turned off the news…. whew

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  8 Responses to “i listened to the news to day and became disturbed twice”

  1. There is a wonderful Callaghan cartoon which depicts a lunatic asylum with a sign on the door saying ‘Do not disturb any further’. Some days I would like to seek sanctuary there.

  2. Well, I am a recovering Catholic and I think if you go to a private, specifically Catholic, college, you really shouldn’t complain about their brand of non-secularity,

    As for the Occupiers, I like what they’re doing, I just wish they had some better message slogans. The Police are in the 99% is a good one, since the police are given the job of arresting the civilly disobedient. They do have a “manifesto” with, like, 23 items. I like most of them, too, but then you can call me Liberal and I won’t blush.

    There was something else I was going to write, but I forgot. Effin MS.

  3. LMBO, I love it when you get on a roll!

  4. the occupy is a very volatile subject. I am not sure what they are after, the thing in Oakland is disturbing in more than one way. I refuse to go on record as to having an opinion on this subject cause I am a chicken and I hates the spam and hackers chicken that I am.

    It does bring readership I guess but ???

    • i haven’t had any spammers about it yet… of course it’s only been an our or so lol… i don’t have too much opinion one way or the other… but the “hot chicks” thing just crawled right up under my skin and irritated the shit out of me….

      now the catholic thing…. not so much a catholic thing even though it is… it’s the discrimination claims that just irk me… it’s like me going to a fruit stand and being all up in arms and suing because they don’t sell meat… duh!


  5. Not response to this post.
    you upload photos then insert as gallery left more on the G

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