Nov 082010

we had some things to do this afternoon … so i left the house today… woo hoo!


our tin can

our tin can


on our list of things to do…. feed the horse…
Meet Pistol


now normally, i don’t walk all they way down there… as you can see, it’s rocky, uneven…ruts and water… not a real smart thing for me to walk this… but for you my readers… i sacrificed… i wanted to share our Pistol with you… ha! so coach and i walk ALL THE WAY down there…
And find this… now as an MSer, i have a new found love for going potty… i go ALL THE TIME… really… it’s a miracle if i can make it 30 minutes without an emergency pee break.  so we walk all the way out to Pistol… and there is this running water…. MS + running water = GOTTA PEE! at least we were sort of in the country and no one else was out tending to their equine’s needs!
waiting on the water “buckets” to fill up
so the horse was fed and watered… time for us to be fed and watered… we went to our favorite mexican food joint… it’s in Manor… fabulous food
coach and i such creatures of habit… he ALWAYS orders the #2… ALWAYS
and for me it’s usually chicken enchiladas, rice, & beans…yummy!
pleasantly stuffed, off to wal-mart we go…. ugh! but we only had a few things we needed to get for the week…
22 items.. guess how much?? $80.98! holy hell!
and i want to know… does any one really read this shit?
looks like italian dressing was scratched from the list
and people are such freakin pigs!! and the wal-mart staff is lazy…. here’s the result of that combo –
that was our evening out…. we are back home now getting ready to watch an episode of Friday Night Lights…we love that show!
p.s.  here is the view that i have about 60% of my day:
my view

my view most of the day

this very good looking guy – my coach – let me tell you… this man can STINK UP a tin can!!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “i left the house today…”

  1. >ha! i won't ride that horse… he's a one man horse and that one man is coach… the horse is stud and a beast… some day if we ever get to actually buy our own place we want to get me a horse… but with this economy… hell, who knows when/if that will happen….

  2. >I told you that futon wouldn't be long for sittin' in….Our WallyWorld is nasty….and considering they just made it into a 'mini' Wally world, with a small amount of groceries….let's just say no one planned this real well a'tall.So…when do we get to see a pic of you in the saddle?And NO using MS as an excuse!!!!!People pay big bucks for "equine therapy"!

  3. >i wish i could get some better pics of the horse…but he doesn't stand still… he just doesn't like being the subject of a photo op ha! i hate those mags… it annoys me that those people don't get a private life… and personally, i don't care who slept with who when or who took whose baby ha…and the most irritating ones are those that show us who has the best/worst beach bodies…. really? ha

  4. >i am so sick of peeing! ha! and when i have to go so badly that i've got tears in my eyes…run to the potty… and then i dribble… damn MS!

  5. >yea! i finally got off the futon… the horse is something else… he's got lots if vigor… things he's the big boy on the block…i love wal-mart.. just not the one in the 'hood close to us… sunday nights are the WRONG nights to go…

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