Jul 222010

I knew it would happen….. I think I offended….

I never intended to offend any woman (or person for that matter)…. and I apologize if that is what happened in my writing of this post about gender roles as society sees them…

The blog post came about from a conversation in a class I’m taking, in conjunction with some body builders and power lifters. The point I was attempting to make is that women can not naturally be as strong as men…scientifically our muscles, hormones, bones, shape are not designed for that physical strength.

I am a proud woman but I am not ashamed that I cannot have the same physical power as a man…unless of course I want to take many steroids and lose many of my positive feminine qualities…. And if a woman chooses to do that, that’s okay too… just not for me.

I think women are courageous, brave, nurturing, and intelligent. I think that we women have power in many ways that as of yet are unrecognized by many in society….

  •  July 22, 2010
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