Sep 222011
  • i have the plague
  • so sick…
  • but i think finally i’m on the upswing
  • of course, i have a cough that resembles a braying donkey right now
  • pretty
  • i used to think i felt bad when i had a cold/bronchitis…. now i know different
  • it is so much worse now which makes no sense… i mean, i have MS… my immune system is in overdrive and has nothing better to do than eat away at my nerves…so how the hell do i get sick…
  • come on immune system! get those little germy bastards…do your freakin job the right way
  • i got caught in the worst.traffic.ever (except for maybe when i lived in LA) this morning
  • there was a fatality crash about 6 hours ago and they STILL have shit all shut down
  • cold front on the way! guess we’ll get our temps dropped down to an arctic 89 degrees tomorrow…
  • i’m not complaining – beats the hell outta 112 degrees
  • i know i have more to say
  • but the fog in my brain is about THIS thick so i’ll have to come back to the other stuff once i make my way through

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  18 Responses to “i have the plague”

  1. Bless your heart- hope you start feeling better very soon!

  2. Oh Sherri, I hope you get better soon! I don’t understand how your immunity is working overtime and you get the plague either. Doesn’t make sense to me either, but that is the nature of our monsters, isn’t it?
    You just keep on, keeping on girlfriend. We’re not going to let these bullies take over our lives!! NO WAY!!
    Spreading magic dust over your website to put those germies in their place. Think we’ll call them the green meanies!!!!!

    • oh my dear sweet maryb! thank you so much for the fairy dust! it is working already…

      i don’t understand how i manage to get sick with this jacked up immune system either…but such is life…

      how are you????? are you winning??? please tell me that you are!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Although, I do have to admit your ability to continue to joke about things even when you’re sick is fantastic!

  4. I would say more but you already called me a hen.

  5. So sorry, Sherri; bronchitis sucks. Nothing for you to do but have some throat lozenges and lots of warm soothing tea. Get better soon.

  6. And yes, echoing Karen. When I do get sick, often the dread disease also comes to the party and ramps up my symptoms. Oh joy, oh bliss.
    Hope you are better v soon.

  7. Said a litle prayer for ya chicky……hope it helped!

  8. Oh man, I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  9. Hope you don’t have the Whooping cough like I did….nasty, lasted about 11 months 🙁
    Hope you feel better 🙂

    • seriously?! you had Whooping Cough? oh man! i hope that’s not what this is too… i’m pretty sure it’s bronchitis… i get it every couple of years or so…

  10. Sorry you feel so sick. I don’t get sick too often (colds, flue type stuff), but I notice that when I do…it is so much worse than it used to be. My doc has a theory that the immune system goes into overdive even more to fight the germs, and that aggravates the MS…and that means…you are gonna feel like sh*t for quite a while.
    Feel better soon.

    • i’ve noticed that i don’t get sick as often as before the beast… but as you said, when i do it’s generally MUCH worse ugh….

      hope all is well with you!

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